Brussels Sprouts... many ways

This is just a note-to-self post really... a way for me to find link backs to other Brussels Sprouts recipes that I want to try or that friends have asked for...

Fresh Brussels sprouts - all cut up and ready to be cooked!

Brussels Sprouts Lardons
- one to try

Cinnamon Cider Brussels Sprouts, Apples and Pears
*this one I've made a few times and it's really good. I've even made it with cranberries once in place of the pear - tart but good.

Honey Roasted Brussels Sprouts
-one to try

Autumn Mac and Cheese (with all kinds of things added - including Brussels Sprouts)
-one to try - although I don't know when I'll ever get to try this one because it includes cheese and I can never make that for a dinner to serve Punk Papa - he's such a punk he won't eat cheese :(  but me thinks it looks really good!

Warm Autumn Salad
-another one with cheese, but I think I'll leave it out when I try it ;)

Maple Glazed Brussels Sprouts with Chestnuts
*this is the recipe I did for Thanksgiving 2010. Very yummy - so sweet!

Baby Brussels Sprouts with Buttered Pecans
-hmm, sounds interesting... anything buttery is good, really!

You know what - there are hundreds of Brussels Sprouts recipes that all look so good to me... I still really like them boiled and mashed up with potatoes and carrots though...


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