Baking once a week... I love treats and sweets

In my previous post - No second helpings, I revealed that I'm starting this new thing. It's not so new really - just new to me. New because, I'm just now doing it for the first time ever.

I did Weight Watchers online a few years ago and I had some success with that but it just didn't hold really. And then, last week on Wednesday I ate a big fat lovely piece of lasagna - three cheese lasagna and it was so fattening and good. And then, I ate a second piece. And then later that night I felt really gassy - to be honest, I did.

Then Thursday came, and I ate leftovers - another half serving of lasagna and then a wicked whipped cream butterscotch dessert. It was very wicked. I felt like eating that was a sin.

Then I started noticing that I eat a lot. I mean I snack all day long. I graze like a cow. I'm constantly in the kitchen every hour or so looking for something to eat. It finally hit me and I could no longer make excuses.

So Friday morning I woke up - and I must have thought about this in bed the night before because I was armed with rules - and then I just did it. I stuck to them.

And here I am going on day 5 of this thing - No second helpings, no snacking between meals - and I do end my lunch and dinner with a sweet thing - it's not a lot compared to before. Usually just a slice of toast with halvarine and honey or vla with a crumbled Speculaas.

Hopefully, I can train my body pretty quickly to get used to this and that this is the way it's gonna be for now on...

Yes, even when we go on vacation to the U.S in a few months I want this down so that I don't end up gaining 10 pounds in two weeks. I think that's how much I gained last time... what with eating ice cream every night, soda pop with my meals, and so on and so on. 

Well, I've decided not to give in - anymore... so far I am doing it. Because I believe in it and I believe in me!

Even today, when I was opening up a box of chocolate milk for the little ones, you know, usually I take a sip - just a taste... and I stopped myself from doing that.

Anyway, I got several very nice comments from readers and most of you are "strangers" - because we've never met in person and I was really touched by your enthusiasm. Thanks everyone. It's nice to have a cheering squad.

One comment, in particular, caught my attention. From Sonya. She says she does the same thing, and once a week she bakes. Wow. Once a week. I think I could add that to my rules. I might have to make an exception for birthdays - but I think I could do that.

Actually, once a week seems like a lot but I have many excuses/reasons to bake. Number one reason: FHE.

For those of you not familiar with FHE - this is Mormon lingo for Family Home Evening. This is where we spend one night a week - usually Monday evening as family night. We sing songs, have a lesson about Jesus or something gospel related, play a game, and eat a treat. Okay, not every Mormon family is the same. But most Mormon families eat a treat with FHE. So that's one excuse to bake in the week.

Not that I'm always going to use that as an excuse. We often do yogurt for dessert, so...

I have other reasons to bake.

Number two... ward calling. You see, I've been very comfortable just coasting along this last half year or so - just you know - taking care of a newborn requires personal attention... but now the Bishop asked that I teach Sunday School to the 14-16 year olds.

I have to admit that I was not prepared for the calling. And also, 14-16 year old boys intimidate me. I don't know why. I think maybe because I'm not around boys very much. And also, when I was 14-16 years old - they intimidated me back then, too.

Luckily, there are some nice girls in the class, too. Girls don't intimidate me - of any age.

I heard from the previous teacher, though, that all you have to do is bring a treat every other week and they love you.

So, I might be able to use that as an excuse as well. You think?

Number three... someone's coming to dinner - bake a nice dessert.
Number four... birthdays... hip hip hooray - or as we say in Dutch hieper de piep hoera!

So, I'm going to add Bake Once A Week to my repertoire - my rules! And we'll see how that goes.

Here is a picture of me from early part of 2010 - just because it's nice to have a photo in every post - even if it doesn't relate to the post.

p.s. I don't normally where that much make up... but I like this picture of me.


Sonya said…
LOVE Weight Watcher's! you can eat like a normal person and you don't feel like you are going without.

You will get used to trying something you bake and then not worrying about eating more of it. I baked Monster Cookies today,ate one and then felt satisfied with that one. I froze a bunch,left some out for my husband and two sons and the rest go to other people. It's a win win :)

Good luck to you..loved the picture you posted!
cutekittypunk said…
Well, when/if i hit plateau at some future point, then i may go back and do weight watchers, but for now... it's working! yeah!
Lisa said…
Wow, you've definitely got a lot on your plate but you seem like a superwoman who can do it all.
cutekittypunk said…
Gonna have to scratch that last goal - BAKING ONLY ONCE A WEEK - can't do it - don't wanna do it :|

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