Mijn beste vriend heet chocolade... My best friend named chocolate

This is the title of a cookbook I just received for my birthday... of course, it was a belated birthday gift - ha you thought i just revealed my birthday date - no - i didn't.

anyhoo, My best friend named chocolate - is an interesting little book - not just desserts - it also includes appetizers, main course entrees, and then more desserts.

For example, one such recipe is titled Lolly's from geese liver with chocolate. (This book is in Dutch so I translate it the best I can).

The food looks fantastic, but the title - can't say it's very interesting. I don't think I ever want to eat liver of any animal. I was brought up that way to just say no thanks.

 - the Lolly's from geese liver.

I think I will try a few of the vegetarian recipes that are not traditional chocolate recipes. They are:

"Met Benco gepaneerde camembert" - that's like deep fried cheese with chocolate

"Balsamicovinaigrette met chocolade" - this is a salad dressing featuring cocoa

"Met ricotta gevulde cannelloni met munt en chocolade" - cannelloni pasta filled with ricotta, mint and topped with cocoa powder

"Driekleurige crumble met courgette, roomkaas en chocolade" - this is like one of those fancy French entrees in cupcake form bottom layer zucchini, middle layer cream cheese, top layer chocolate and nuts. looks like a dessert with zucchini - not an entree... i'll probably serve it that way ;)

A few recipes I'm looking forward to trying (desserts):

"Terrine van chocolade en Kinder Bueno" - Kinder Bueno is a German candy bar. It's like cream filled little chocolate bars - for the kids. yum.

"Perencrumble met Toblerone" - Pear crumble with Toblerone - I think I'll use the white chocolate Toblerone for this one.

"Chocoladeslakken" - um, looks like pinwheel cookies - easy to make - only uses pie dough, sugar, egg yolk and Nutella!

A cookbook all about chocolate - what a way to being the new year!


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