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Gingerbread and Apple Pie Trifle (SHF)

Earlier this year I went to a birthday party - dessert potluck. Everyone was asked to share a favorite dessert. There was just one catch. It could not contain chocolate. That was easy for me. I just made mini cheesecakes. It was a very fun get together because I got to try some different kinds of desserts. One thing that I tried that I absolutely fell in love with was an English Trifle. I had never had one before - what a shame because they are the yummiest and easiest to make. I suppose it's called a trifle because it has three layers. Normally when I think of the word "trifle" it makes me think of people who worry over unimportant things. It's in the scriptures in a few different places. See this Link.

Well, the dessert I had that night was a very simple thing to make. I got the recipe and tried it a few months later. Oh yummy. Here is a link to that recipe. I made it back in June. And since then, I have come across several other yummy trifles to try - they are on m…