Your Last Diet... and Sauerkraut Curry

I bought this book - Your Last Diet... and it's not really a diet at all. It's a way of healing from sugar addiction. It's very interesting so far. The thing I really like about the "program" is that you can take as much time as you need to work through every step. The recommended time is six to eighteen months - yes 18 - not 8. I like that. Because I don't want to quit sugar like - cold turkey. That would be not possible for me.

This morning I was feeling a little bit "blah" - like not overly depressed or hopeless - just "blah" and then I grabbed a couple of Twix bars (white chocolate - limited edition) and whalaa! I was UP. I felt so good. I felt very sociable and nice to be around. I was dancing and playing with the kids. I was feeling like I'm such a cool person. And I'm such a cool Mom!

And then I grabbed the book - Little Sugar Addicts (because I bought two books by the author Kathleen DesMaisons) And I read something and it just hit me... like wow - this is me. I'm a sugar addict all the way. Of course, I already knew that - but this connection between what I ate and how I feel - this was a little eye opening for me.

I also like that this is a program of "abundance" not deprivation. I'm going to add nutrition to my diet before I ever take sugar out. So, I'm excited about this journey - because Kathleen says "going slowly puts attention on the process rather than the end" and this reminded me of Uchtdorf's G.C. talk - to "Slow Down" - remember what matters most... and I don't remember the other guy who quoted "Enjoy the Journey" I think it might have been President Monson.

Anyway, one thing that also caught my attention is that a lot of the scenarios in this book are the extreme. A lot are about people who feel very hopeless or really depressed. And I think I might have been in that situation had it not been for the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. Because I can have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost, I have personal revelation all the time about the love Heavenly Father has for me. I know who I am. I know where I came from and where I'm going. So because of that knowledge I don't feel overly depressed about life. I don't need sugar to the degree of other sugar addicts. Sugar is not my only comfort food because the Holy Ghost is my comforter!

There is this list in her book - and if you check yes to three or more - you may be sugar sensitive. She lists 22 questions/statements - I could check yes to 9 of them. So I don't have it as bad as other people. I don't feel ugly. I don't hate myself. I haven't tried every diet out there. I don't like to diet at all actually. I rather enjoy food. The first time I ever dieted actually was about 7 years ago - only after I saw how much weight my sister lost doing WeightWatchers online. Before that I only ever exercised a bit more but I never considered eating less sugar or more of this or that. So diet is still relatively new for me. And that is one reason I love this "diet" because it's not a diet! Yippee!

And the best part is - I don't have to do this alone - I can and will continue to have the much needed support from my loving Heavenly Father all the way. Everyday, I can wake up and pray - and receive communication that I can do it - that He will help me. He has promised to make my weaknesses my strengths (see Ether 12:27).

There is also an online community at and I will join that group - eventually... first I'm going to learn to love journaling in a whole new way. I am one of those people that write lists of what to make for dinner. I do this in a notebook. It helps so we don't eat the same thing every night because I like variety (the spice of life). And because I did WeightWatchers in the past I use to write down what I ate. But this new way of journaling is not just about what I ate - it's also about how I feel when I ate and at what time.

This is so I can make connections in my head - so I can see that quite possibly - I crash everyday at 3pm - then I can start having more control over how I feel. I haven't started my journaling  yet - but already I know that I "crash" a lot earlier than that!

It certainly doens't help though - that it's cold and gloomy outside. Eating sweets justs cheers me up. A realization for sure.... and perhaps by next November I'll have lots more control over the situation... that's what I'm hoping for.

And now, a recipe to share... it includes sauerkraut. Yes sour cabbage! I was having a conversation with a friend the other night. I told her that I had prepared some "Zuurkool Schotel" - this is Dutch for basically sauerkraut casserole. To make it we use a layer of seasoned "ground beef" (vegetarian), then a layer of sauerkraut and then a layer of mashed potatoes. Bake to warm through and serve with apple sauce. Very Dutch! My husband grew up with this winter time meal. I really like it. I made this a few weeks back. And then I noticed on the back of the sauerkraut package a recipe! The recipe uses the whole bag of sauerkraut - about 500 grams. The sauerkraut casserole from Mark's mom only uses a little bit. And when I ask her what she does with the rest of the sauerkraut - she says - she just throws it away. It's so cheap anyway. It really is cheap. A bag of about 500 grams costs about 40 cents. Even though, I didn't feel right about throwing it away. I would use a bit on hotdogs the next night but that still leaves a lot leftover. So I was eager to try this new recipe. I did. It's good. It's really good.

A portion of sauerkraut - 100 grams is just 8 calories! Add some butter to it - and now we're talking! yum yum :P

Sauerkraut Curry

500-520 grams sauerkraut
1 small onion, finely diced
1 garlic clove, minced
100 grams butter
1 teaspoon curry powder
175 grams vegetarian “stuff”
pepper and salt to taste (I usually leave it out)

In a pan over medium heat, gently melt butter; add onion and garlic and cook until golden yellow. Then add in the curry powder and vegetarian “stuff” - cook at simmer for 15 minutes. Then add the sauerkraut cook another 25-30 minutes at a gentle simmer. Serve together with boiled potatoes and gravy.

I like to use Punk Rock Chickpea Gravy from Vegan with a Vengeance cookbook. Super yummy - highly recommend it.

“STUFF” - should resemble something that looks like kabap - calf or veal. I suppose you could also use TVP or tofu. Of if you eat meat - then the original recipe says calf - um something or other - my Dutch to English translation is not always so good when they are talking about cuts of meat. Sorry.


crazymom said…
You are awesome. I love that it's not all about losing weight, but about feeling good. My sister Kara went on a no-sugar "diet" (really a bet with her father-in-law) and she never felt better in her life. She went a whole year without sugar, and she says that she doesn't feel "screamy" anymore like she has for pretty much her whole life. Have you tried green smoothies before? Eating greens consistently helps to get rid of the craving for sugar. So you can buy bags of sauerkraut there? Is it dry and you rehydrate it? Only find it in jars here. Love your blog. -Somerli
cutekittypunk said…
Hi somerli, yes, you can buy it in bags or in jars. But the bagged kind is cheaper and I've seen that it can be bought fresh as well. Um, it's just like the jarred kind - no rehydration necessary.

By green smoothie do you mean like the green monster? I've heard of them. I haven't gone to that "extreme" yet - will do one day though as I am open for about anything :)

thanks for your comment!
crazymom said…
No, a smoothie isn't monstrous. Hah. All I do is put some water with a bunch of spinach or chard in a blender...blend REALLY well, then add some frozen banana and any other fruit you happen to have. My kids love it and after a while you really start to crave the smoothie instead of sweets.
cutekittypunk said…
Ha ha. Um, sounds promising... by green monster - I was refering to this:

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