What Matters Most

So, I just had a baby not more than 3 months ago... and I really need to SLOW DOWN.

Like Ferris Beuller says: Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

And I was wondering, how did I get distracted so easily? What matters most? My faith, my family, my friends. This baking thing - is really last of all. But for a moment there, it caught hold of me - I got caught up in "following" all these cooking and baking blogs - and in posting on foodie websites like foodieblogroll, ptitchef and foodbuzz - and for what? For my pride.... ewwww. I fell for it. And I know that it was Satan all along trying to lead me astray. He is so evil - and tricky - how he takes something virtuous and good and turns it into a vice.

So, I was listening to a couple talks from this last General Conference. And I took notes and it really helped me reflect on what matters most. President Uchtdorf is so funny - he has a nice way of teaching - I loved his opening remarks about that tree... and what does that have to do with airplanes? Ha haaaa ha.

But his talk really struck a cord with me. Because I myself felt like I had no control over this monster of trying to keep up with all these other baking bloggers. I was submitting photo after photo to foodgawker and tastespotting and some of my submissions were getting rejected - like really good - delicious photos - not accepted. And it was affecting me. And then, I had to step back and take a look at what matters most - and I had to laugh at myself because this does not matter. It's really supposed to be for fun. A place where I can write my thoughts for me. And share recipes with my friends and family - and a source where I can remember - oh I tried that and I didn't like it or I tried that and it was yum-yum. I like my recipe archive the best - because no matter where I go in the world, I can find my favorite recipes.

I'm also reminded of Elder Oaks' talk from a few conferences back - he said: give up something good for something better! But I like Uchtdorf's advice better - slow down! Because I don't want to quit this blogging thing altogether - I do enjoy it... I just want to take a step back and re-examine why I'm doing it. Then I can continue on my own pace.

Siembra in her blessing gown
So, Uchtdorf reminds me what the fundamentals are - he reminds us that we need to become great by mastering the fundamentals.

Number 1: God. My faith - it's the most sacred and vital. I need quiet alone time where I can study the scriptures, pray, commune and reflect regularly on what matters most. This will give me more stability, peace and joy.

Number 2. My family. No other success can compensate for failure in the home. Plus - I love hanging out with them. And I'm also looking forward to seeing my family in America when I go there in May :)

Number 3. Fellow men. Friends... and strangers. Children of God. I need to be sensative to the feelings of others. I need to give service when it is needed. I need to love one another as God loves me.

Number 4. Myself. I am a child of God. I'm a divine daughter of God. So I need to love myself.

Now, it's number 4 that I find quite interesting... because it seems that I've put that at the top of the list for the last couple of months. I've been constantly thinking about me (blogging)... when I should be loving every moment with the new baby and kids, right? But, it's really easy to get distracted. Because I tend to think, if my needs don't get met, then I really cannot help anyone else. That's kind of true, but I took it too far. Well, almost... I almost got too distracted, but then Conference time was there just in time to remind me what matters most.


Now this is a separate yet similar post. Because I've been thinking again. About what matters most and where I see myself in the future. I like cooking. I like baking. I love sugar. Too much - I think. Yesterday I had a nice visit with friends - our kids played together and Monica made some delicious coconut cookies for us - but I'd called it coconut candy. It was basically fresh shredded coconut boiled in sugar water and just before the syrup caramalizes it is put out of the frying pan and onto cookie sheets. And that's it. It's sooo yummy. Well, I had a few too many... a sugar binge, some might say. And I felt just awful about it. I could actually feel my body speak to me: why? Why Melissa did you have to eat so many of those? That's too much sugar!! Then I'm reminded of D. Todd Christofferson's talk - Reflections on a consecrated life. One way we can glorify God is to take care of our body. This is one duty to God - for the body is a temple. We can glorify God in body and spirit by presenting the body as a living sacrifice. Don't defile the body. Be modest - exercise - be healthy.

So, after my sugar binge, I sat there on the couch - feeling guilty. Feeling a little bit sick. Then I put my walking shoes on and I went for a walk. It took me 30 minutes to get my heart rate up - to break a sweat. After 55 minutes, I returned home. I felt so much better because I did something good for me. And it also gave me time to reflect.

Here is what I've concluded during my reflection time. My sugar fast has begun. And I  know that Halloween is just a few days away... but this is for me. For my body, for my happiness - for my kids... for the future!

Now, before this sugar binge - where was my future going - towards diabetes. Which is something I absolutely fear! Several family members have gotten it though unhealthy diets... and I was heading down that road, too. Where do I want to be in say 20-25 years? Gosh, I'm gonna be old... but I'd like to be healthy and happily old. I want to go on a mission with Mark. And I feel like, if I continue down this sugary bumpy road - I might not get to do what I want, go where I want, be what I want.

You see, it all comes back to Satan. He's very tricky. He's so sly... he knows our weaknesses. He doesn't want me to be in the service of my God. So he knows that if he can take me out of commission by my addiction to my poison (sugar) He'll do it.

But, I'm onto him. And I'm not going to let that happen. I'm going to thwart Satan!

Ella at gardens of castle in Geldrop


Mark said…
Thanks for sharing this Melissa.
Ratna said…
This is my favorite post so far. Thanks for sharing, Melissa. This is so applicable in my life as well. Wish you a lot of success with the sugar fast. It's not easy, buy you can do it! :)
cutekittypunk said…
Ratna... it's very difficult... so far I have only managed one day without the sweet stuff... but I have reduced it a whole bunch... i'm just craving the baking of sweet rolls - i'd really like to bake some for a Halloween party I'm going to on Saturday... I think I will - thankfully I'll have many people to share them with - I won't eat them all myself :)
Kay Heritage said…
Melissa, you have chosen wisely. Thanks for being transparent, which is not so easy. As a fellow blogger, you described my fleshly battle. Let's keep reminding each other what is important in life. Blogging is just for fun and not much more. :) Your sister in Christ, Kay
cutekittypunk said…
Thanks Kay... yes, I have to remind myself daily - that this is for fun - and not to dwell on it too much. mostly i just blog thoughts in my head - sort of like how Tevye in Fiddler on the roof communicated with God - that's how I blog in thought - and most of that stuff never makes it here.

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