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Knorr - Turkse Durum - a review.

So, I'm going to do a series of reviews of certain food products like Knorr and Conimex - and the reason for this is that I'm actually using these products a bit more regularly now... the reason being: Siembra.

What is Siembra you may ask? Who is more appropriate... Siembra is my baby girl - she was born just days after the full moon in August and she's beautiful. She's also lots of work and my reason for lots less food blogging. It's on my mind a lot though - this is my one hobby that I really love right now and so when I get a moment free time I want to do it... the moments are few and far between. Okay, that's not true... I also have baking and cooking - those are my hobbies, too - I think I love baking far more than blogging about what I just baked... but because of the time restraints - baking and cooking are happening far less right now - creativity is about out the door and I'm using Knorr and Conimex to help out a bit.

My first review goes to Knorr …