Super Easy Horchata

I love horchata - Mexican horchata that is. When I went to Spain last fall I found some tiger nut horchata and I didn't like it at all. When I first had Mexican horchata it was just at some hole in the wall dive that my Dad took us to and it was delicious. I fell in love with it right there. Afterall, almost everything is better with a bit of cinnamon - expecially a nice cold drink over ice.

I've been told recently from a friend that you can also make it with whole wheat. That I haven't tried yet but this is my super easy version of Mexican horchata:

Super Easy Horchata Recipe
- serves 2-3.

1/2-3/4 liter cold vanilla-flavored rice milk (Rice Dream)
2 tablespoons ground almond meal
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/8-1/4 cup raw sugar (to taste) or a couple drops of liquid Stevia

Blend all together in blender till frothy. Serve over ice if desired. (I like it really cold over ice - yum).

Recently I was a bit sick with the "d" word. I don't like to mention that word on a food blog but sometimes we all get that virus bug from perhaps... old cheese. Anyways, in my book Nutritional Healing it says to eat bananas, apple sauce, mashed potatoes, rice or rice water... so a few nights ago - luckily I had some vanilla Rice Dream in the cupboard (because I was going to make Horchata) but instead I warmed it up in a mug, added a smidgen of cinnamon - a drop of liquid Stevia and whalaa... my angry tummy went away. Yippee.


Chef Dennis said…
it good to know that works....I'll have to file that recipe away for just such an occasion!!
Jamie said…
I have never had horchata...but now I think I need to!
alea said…
oh man... that looks terrific, i've never heard of horchata, but this one is definetly something i'm going to have to try! I can actually eat all those ingredients... wicked... :D

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