Death by Chocolate Cake - Review

I did not make this cake... I did eat!

In my favorites... listed in the side column - you will find a link to Ons Eetcafe - in Eindhoven. I have found that they make a most delicious chocolate cake. Their own version of Death by Chocolate and you cannot find another one like it around - not for miles and miles.

I looooove it.

The middle is especially good - it's like milky and creamy and caramelly almost. I don't know how they do it. I've looked for several recipes online but none seem to compare to theirs... my good friend is even considering getting a job there just for a few months to learn the trade secrets... :) kind of funny I know... but it's seriously good cake.

My husband suggests - that I just ask them how much they want for the recipe... but I think I'll just skip the baking and eat theirs when I'm in the mood... then I don't have to do the clean up... and I don't have to be stuck with a giant cake that might actually kill me... would kill my diet to be - my future diet to be that is.

So, here is my review - this slice of delicious Death by Chocolate cake gets an A+ or a 10, however you slice it... it's goooood. If you ever find yourself in the Eindhoven area - I highly recommend getting some!


Ratna said…
I'll be in Eindhoven this weekend. I'll make sure to get one of these :D
Thanks for the review, Melissa.
Indie.Tea said…
It looks delicious!
Ratna said…
Melissa, I think I know what they use in the filling: condensed milk! What do you think? :D
Ratna said…
Melissa, I think I know what they use in the filling: condensed milk! What do you think? :D
Mary said…
It is a glorious cake. I'd eat it too if I had a piece of it in front of me now. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary
Kay Heritage said…
Melissa! With no recent post, I am assuming that you had your baby! Hope you are well!
Death by Chocolate, what a way to go!
cutekittypunk said…
Hi Ratna... yes, perhaps it is condensed milk... anyhow, I'm not trying to bake it myself... if I want some - I know where to go!

Hi Kay... yes, the baby is here!

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