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Fried Plantain Sandwich - "Jibarito"

I'm due with child #3 in 22 days. Of course, the baby probably won't come for 27 days because I'm not that lucky. But this is the reason for my lack of posts this month of July. I have been cooking though - I have to otherwise, we don't eat. I'm not just baking all the time - although I have been busy with Sweet Rolls that Rock. In the last couple of weeks I have made some really yummy meals and I share one here with you today.

I call this the "Bakbanaan Broodje" in Dutch... because these green or very ripe yellow-blackish large bananas are for baking - hence "bak" "banaan." I've had the fried plantain chips a few times and those are really yummy but I wanted to try a recipe using this baking banana that was different. I set out on a search online and found this. I've made it twice now. I think it's delicious and you can pretty much use any sandwich dressings you like. We made ours today with salsa, lettuce, sprouts, fried m…

Strawberry Blue Chocolate Cake

My very good friend had a birthday - I was asked to bake the cake. I did and it turned out alright - so happy about that. I posted it in my other blog - my cake blog - never the same cake twice. I'd like to repost it here as well. The photos turned out excellent - thanks Mark hug and kisses and good night :)

A very awesome friend of mine asked me to make her a birthday cake. Okay, sure. What do you like? She says chocolate cake - maybe with cherry pie filling and strawberry frosting. Okay, sure. What color do you like? She says blue. Okay, so I think to myself a cherry and strawberry cake colored blue. Should be easy.

Baking can be easy - if you follow the rules. Cake and decorating cakes has one simple rule: patience!

I did not possess a lot of that last night. I wanted to hurry up and finish the cake. And because of that, I ended up making too much frosting and the tint of the frosting was just not right on. Also, I filled and frosted it too soon. It's not going to be …

Going GaGa for Green (Soup & Sorbet)

I sometimes plan my meals in advance by the week. Today I had written in my notebook to make Pea and Lettuce Soup. A perfect summer meal when served together with warm garlic and coriander pitas. I also promised a friend that would be coming over later that I would make sorbet (because she heard about the grape-lime sorbet from last week)... but this time I happened to make Kiwi-Lime sorbet. So it was looking pretty in pea green and kiwi-lime green. It was a lovely meal :)

Let's start with the sorbet - because you have to make it in advance. I followed the same recipe directions from the Grape-Lime Sorbet recipe. I didn't have kiwi juice though, so what I did was blend 4 ripe, peeled kiwi's in my blender...

A tangent here: A couple of years ago I finally got a juicer for Christmas - but it wasn't a top-of-the-line kind of juicer. It broke down again and again - or shall - I say it overheated. The thing is - it could juice soft fruits but it couldn't juice carrots a…