Two Delicious Desserts with Lime

I happened upon a few weeks ago. I'm so impressed with that blog because this girl - Elissa is so young and so focused on her hobbies, goals and dreams. She started the blog when she was 16 - now she is 18 and ready to head off for college. She bakes because she loves to bake. But she is also good at it - tells a nice story and has amazing photos to boot!  I think she is also lucky because her parents seem to be pretty supportive of her hobbies. You should read what some of the things her dad says in the comments section - it will tear you up - so sweet :) he's a good Dad.

So, speaking of Dads, I tried one of the recipes from 17andbaking - the White Chocolate Coeur de la Creme with Blueberry Lime Puree and made it in time for Father's Day. This one needs to chill a while so I actually started it Friday night and we ate it Sunday night. Oh my - yummy - it's very creamy. So if you are one of those people with Lactose intolerance problems - you will have to sit this one out - sorry :(

It really is delicious and the blueberry lime pairs so nicely with it. It's not too sweet - it really reminded me of one of my favorite desserts from The Cheesecake Factory - the White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake.

Elissa serves it up in pretty little tea cups - I don't have anything so nice - so I used a heart-shaped cookie cutter to serve the pieces individually on dessert plates - as I thought - if I'm going to present Coeur de la Creme - it should be heart-shaped!

So, when I went out to buy ingredients for this fabulous dessert - I saw that the limes came in little bags of two. This recipe only asks for the zest from one lime. So then I remembered an awesome Grape-Lime Sorbet recipe and I made that, too. I love love love Grape-Lime Sorbet. It is perfect for summer and so easy to make. I have made Grape-Lime Sorbet in the past using regular grape juice - and another time fresh table grapes. This time I used white grape juice. There is something about white grape juice. Have you ever noticed how a lot of juice-drinks have white grape juice as the base flavor? So using white grape juice in this sorbet - I could hardly taste the grape. It tasted mostly of lime to me - but I think it's a color thing. I need it to be purply for me to think it's grape. I'm a visual kind of person. It's like when you get that blue Smurf ice cream and you are wondering - what flavor is this? Is it vanilla? I cannot tell. The blue color is really throwing me off. So, I need my Grape-Lime Sorbet to look grape-ish. It doesn't have to be made only with grapes though - as with the blueberry lime puree - that was wonderful - so I thought perhaps I can use another dark berry - the black currant or cassis berry. And that's what I did today. I made Cassis-Lime Sorbet. Also very good - very similar taste to grapes. I think I'm on a lime kick now and next I will make kiwi lime sorbet. Yum yum - I'm looking forward to that... tomorrow  :)

A re-post of the sorbet recipe here:
Combine 1 cup of sugar with 2 cups water. Boil for 5 minutes. Take off heat. Mix in 1 cup white or red grape juice and the juice from 2 limes. Freeze in metal container and half way through freezing process - about 4-6 hours - take out blend with a fork. Then return to freezer and freeze until firm - about another 4 hours. (I also added zest from limes - I like the specks of lime zest - especially visible with the white grape juice)


Chef Dennis said…
lime sorbet sounds perfect for a hot day like today!!

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