Business Ideas

I'm excited about a number of business ideas that have been popping into my head. I think if you need an idea for a small business opportunity - just come talk to me.

I've got so many - it's great. Of course, it all depends on how you market your brand - you've got to have a brand to be successful... and let's remember what Wilbur Turnblad said: To be big you've got to dream big (Hairspray). After all he had the Taj Mahal of joke shops!

This subject has been on my mind a lot lately. I'm kind of glad about it actually because if I wasn't filling my thoughts with these fabulous ideas - then I'd just be anxiously waiting for this baby to be born and that's still another 3 months away.

I feel like it's important to do something with the ideas. Like Heavenly Father wants us to grow our talents. And these ideas are just coming to me. And I feel like I shouldn't just bury them but research them, dream about them and see where they can go. Some of them might not actually be realised until 9 or 10 years down the road - but that doesn't mean that I cannot do something about it now. Now is the time to write the ideas down. And then later, when I have more time again, I can do something with it.

I also like it because when I'm being creative - I feel like I'm becoming like Heavenly Father. It's like that talk that President Uchtdorf gave a few years ago to the General Relief Society. And this month's First Presidency message from President Monson about the gray on the wings also correlates with it. There are three yellow canaries. Two are perfectly yellow and beautiful. The third has gray on it's wings - but it has the most beautiful song. He is saying that a lot of times the world looks only on outward beauty - but the Lord looketh on the heart. It's just what I wanted to read this month. Very uplifting and positive message and what you do with the message makes all the difference. I believe the message and for me it's saying go ahead and follow your dreams.

This has been important for me because I worry that following my dreams will get in the way of my first priority: motherhood. After talking with Mark about it he has assured me that it's not a problem. My kids do come first and my ideas for small businesses are only to be on the side. I'm not doing it for the money - I only want to do it to grow and progress and add to my talents. Also, I really think that the ideas come from Heavenly Father - and I have to keep that in mind. I don't want to become like the wicked Nephites in the Book of Mormon who would prosper in the land and forget God. I want to remember that when my businesses begin to flourish - that it's God that gave me these blessings and not the other way around.

And at this point I'm still in the research phase of the business opportunities. I have much research and planning to do before they become actual - and known to all of you. Designing and marketing my brand will take much thought and planning - that's part of the creativity that I like - especially coming up with logos, labels, mottos, slogans, and so forth :)


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