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Two Ways with Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sunday afternoon it was really hot. Too hot to do anything - or so I thought. We didn't really want to go for a walk - we just wanted to stay inside and try and keep cool. We only have ceiling fans so we do our best. I try not to do too much on Sundays because after church we are usually pretty pooped. I just want to sleep. The kids just want to play. I didn't want the TV on this time though - I just wanted it to be a quiet day. A pregnancy thing I guess. I got my way... I did that by baking cookies together with Kailea. This time I actually let her help - beginning to end - yep, I even made her help clean up. She didn't want to but I said, if you don't help dry dishes - no cookies for you. So she helped really well after that. She likes measuring ingredients and turning the food mixer on and off. She liked getting her hands dirty in the dough - rolling them into balls. I caught her licking her fingers one too many times and said - ok - you're all done helping.


Two Delicious Desserts with Lime

I happened upon a few weeks ago. I'm so impressed with that blog because this girl - Elissa is so young and so focused on her hobbies, goals and dreams. She started the blog when she was 16 - now she is 18 and ready to head off for college. She bakes because she loves to bake. But she is also good at it - tells a nice story and has amazing photos to boot!  I think she is also lucky because her parents seem to be pretty supportive of her hobbies. You should read what some of the things her dad says in the comments section - it will tear you up - so sweet :) he's a good Dad.

So, speaking of Dads, I tried one of the recipes from 17andbaking - the White Chocolate Coeur de la Creme with Blueberry Lime Puree and made it in time for Father's Day. This one needs to chill a while so I actually started it Friday night and we ate it Sunday night. Oh my - yummy - it's very creamy. So if you are one of those people with Lactose intolerance problems - you will have t…

Raspberry Trifle

Easy to make and delicious too. It makes a lot though - so this is a good dessert to take to a party or potluck. I had seen different recipe variations on several sites but the one that I used I got from a friend - when I tried hers at a party and it was delicious. It was actually a birthday party and everyone was asked to bring a favorite dessert - exception - no chocolate. It's actually nice to be invited to a party like that because usually there is always chocolate at such places and this gave us the opportunity to try something different.
The recipes is easy - it goes like this. In a bowl break up pound cake and put on bottom layer. I used eierenkoekjes (egg cookies) which are much lower in fat.

 In another bowl, combine 2 boxes frozen raspberries together with 1 1/2 jars raspberry jam and 1 package of raspberry jello (optional). I use strawberry jello because I didn't have raspberry. I'm told the jello helps hold it together better.

Then put this raspberry mixture as th…

Sweet Rolls that Rock... another blog.

Yes, another blog. I have too many to count. But it was advised to me to do another one for the purpose of tracking my sweet rolls progress and it's a good place to post all the unique and creative recipes in one place. So... that means that I will post there at least one a month for the next 5 years... or twice a month in colder months because a whole lot more baking takes place in fall and winter. So to see the other blog - visit this link: Sweet Rolls that Rock.

Oh, and I will be posting a new and original recipe very soon... because 4th of July - America's Independence day is right around the corner... and I have something in mind to bake for it - something red, white and blue to honor it :)

Easy Strawberry Buttercream Frosting & Cooking Conversions

A friend of mine came over this morning so I could help her with making Strawberry Buttercream Frosting. No problem. Let's look online. So I do a search and almost everything I find has actual strawberries in it. Which, I admit, sounds so delicious. But her client that she is making it for requested strawberry flavored buttercream frosting. They do not want actual strawberry bits in it. I don't know why - it doesn't make any sense to me. So I saw some recipes that asked for frozen thawed strawberries and then to just use the juice. And another recipe said to use seedless strawberry jam. I am not even sure if I have ever seen seedless strawberry jam in these parts at least. So then I remembered a recipe from one of my books - and I have adapted it to work for this client's wants. I give you Easy Strawberry Buttercream Frosting. Enjoy.

1/4 cup (55 grams) Crisco
1/4 cup (57 grams) Butter or (55 grams) margarine
1 3/4 to 2 cups (228 to 260 grams) powdered sugar
4 tablespoo…

Project-Cook Book: Cinnamon Rolls & Sweet Rolls

So, I want to write a cook book. I might as well do something with my English/Art Liberal Arts degree after all these years. I've loved baking and cooking a long time. It doesn't have to be a big book - a small simple cookbook with some new ideas is what I want to share.

The thing about cinnamon rolls is they are so warm, sweet and yummy. The traditional roll is the best - by far - why do anything different? Because I can. And I will. Now last year I stumbled upon Vegan Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls - but I made mine with eggs. I think eggs do something to the texture of yeasty breads. You can omit them but with them they seem to be a bit flakier or something. So I usually adapt recipes to my liking - as probably most bakers (experienced bakers) do, too. Those were really good. So I thought, if you can use pumpkin, why not use another squash. And that's what I did. I used zucchini to make Zucchini Cinnamon Rolls. They were a hit. I know, it sounds so strange, but they were reall…

Business Ideas

I'm excited about a number of business ideas that have been popping into my head. I think if you need an idea for a small business opportunity - just come talk to me.

I've got so many - it's great. Of course, it all depends on how you market your brand - you've got to have a brand to be successful... and let's remember what Wilbur Turnblad said: To be big you've got to dream big (Hairspray). After all he had the Taj Mahal of joke shops!

This subject has been on my mind a lot lately. I'm kind of glad about it actually because if I wasn't filling my thoughts with these fabulous ideas - then I'd just be anxiously waiting for this baby to be born and that's still another 3 months away.

I feel like it's important to do something with the ideas. Like Heavenly Father wants us to grow our talents. And these ideas are just coming to me. And I feel like I shouldn't just bury them but research them, dream about them and see where they can go. Some …