School Photo

Today when I picked Kailea up from school I see all the kids running out with their school photos. I was very excited to see Kailea's. And guess what? She says I'm not allowed to see it until we get home. My friend Monica was standing next to me and asks, can I see it? And Kailea says okay. So I got a peek at the photo and she's very cute in it. But Kailea stuffs it back into her bag and we walk home.

The funny thing about this is that Mark just wrote a blog post about how he cannot take many photos of Kailea anymore because she's being difficult in her tender age of 4 and she doesn't like it when he's around with his camera. She also told him - I had my school photo taken and that's enough for me.

Well, I'm very glad about this photo because just a few months ago she had her photo taken for the first time at the preschool and she didn't have a clue what was going on. It was not a very lovely photo. Now I have prepped her and I let her know in advance - it's school picture day and you get to dress up in a cute outfit and do your hair up and practice smiling with your teeth showing, too.

And you know what? She listened to me. And here is her lovely photo:

Those cheeks are so cute - I just wanna reach out and pinch 'em. And then Mark says, why doesn't she smile like that for me? I think she looks a lot like Mark's cousin Monique - I don't see myself in her. Funny.


Mark said…
It's such a cute photo. It almost doesn't look like her because she's smiling so nicely :-)

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