The Princesses and the Castle

So, today we got a day off school/work because it's "Tweede Pinksterdag" aka Pentacost. Well, Pentacost was yesterday but it's also observed Monday so most everyone gets a paid holiday. Thank goodness for the Catholics - if it wasn't for them we wouldn't have so many fun days off. And of course, thank goodness for Jesus :)

So, we planned to visit a castle today. We went to a beautiful castle called Heeswijk. It was a nice location, too because it was really out there away from other cities and towns. We told Kailea in advance that we'd go see a castle today and she was really happy about that. She even came into my room this morning to tell me:

I was on the phone with the Princess. I told her I was coming to the Castle to see her.

Ahh, so cute. So she was really looking forward to it. We took a detour so it took probably 10 minutes longer to get there but well worth it. And then we almost didn't have enough money to go inside. Luckily, Ella didn't have the patience to go in so only Mark and Kailea went inside. Ella and I shared an ice cream cone and played in the gardens.

Mark says it was a bit scary for Kailea because old castles like these are dark inside. And one room was like a dungeon and that scared her, too. She did find some kind of "seal" on the ground that was flower shaped and she said "this is for the princess." (see photo)

I never did see a "princess" while we were there; however, the only princesses I do see from the photos are Kailea and Ella :) They are my little princesses!

We also discovered many wonderful nature trails around the castle and it was beautiful weather. Hopefully we will go back soon - we shall not forget the stroller next time and hopefully Mark can take more photos - well, at least he discovered that this is another great location for a possible wedding or engagement session. I'd love to do photos here sometime - I'd better get a bit more dressed up then :)


Catharina said…
Hey, beautifull story and photos! Maybe Aury and I should have the wedding photo shoot there.

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