The kiddos

I love being a mom. It's so much fun and at the same time - very tiring and hard work, too. But the kiddos are in bed now and that leaves time for... me time!

Kailea is 4 years old. She hardly ever cuddles with me - that doesn't mean that she doesn't constantly want my attention though. But today, she stubbed her toe on the corner of the wall and she was crying real good... and I said, you want to hug. And she did - and we cuddled for a little while. It was nice.

Ella on the other hand, loves to cuddle. She's that age. And just last night she even started giving kisses. They were, of course, slobbery and runny nosed  - nevertheless - she is kissing back. And that is so sweet. She's also playing very well on her own these days and loves to explore - explore - explore! She's our own little "Dora the explorer" - she's out to discover! And to get into trouble... she colored with green marking pen on our white walls.

That's it... for now on, people who give gifts - Grandma's and Oma's -- please don't give marking pens. Thanks!

And here is an extra one of Kailea and Ella getting along - reading together - ahhh - how sweet! Thanks, Daddy for the excellent photos :) You are the best and we love you!


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