Girly Things

So today Kailea was playing with those same two neighbor boys and there was a few funny moments I'd like to record. First, she was showing them her "haar spelletjes" aka hair thingies - berrets that sort of thing. And the one little boy who is amost 5 only has 3 brothers and no sisters says "what's that?" And Kailea is practically yelling in his ear (kids talk loud) it's a HAAR SPELLETJE. Almost like she's saying it in a "duh" kind of way. And this little boy was like "huh"- he just didn't get it.

And then she pulls out her lipsmackers lip balm and puts it on her lips and the boys are just staring at her with their mouths open wide - in amazement - what is that? And even though I've told her several times, it's only for your lips, she puts it on her fingernails and then they all put it on their finger nails and next thing you know - it's all gone.

I find this very amusing - these little boys completely in awe of her because she's really the only little girl they play together with. And she is such a girly girl. They are curious about hair thingies, lip balm, etc.

The other thing that is interesting it that Kailea is a very bossy kid. She is telling them what to do and very much "directing" the other kids. They some how don't seem too phased by this and just take her orders. She says we are having a birthday party and then they go okay and start playing with balloons or do whatever she tells them too. Then she says, we are playing with dolls and they do that for a little bit, at least.

It's very different from when she plays with her other female friends - that's when I see them fighting more. Like both girls want to tell each other what to do and how to play this or that and then they get in a fight. How is it that boys just do whatever girls tell them to do?

I guess she should enjoy it at this age - because one day that will not be the case. Those boys will run away when that happens :)


shea said…
Big Bossy Sister in the making- I am so proud of her (with a tear in my eye)! Maybe the boss won't run away. She'll find one so smitten with her he'll do anything to make her happy.
cutekittypunk said…
Oh YEAH... she's totally got that big bossy thing down... I'm really trying to break her of it - but with no luck :(

she is really excited for another baby though - that doesn't seem to bother her.

She'll be moving into the bigger room and feeling all proud and bigger for that, too...

yeah, i'm sure she'll have no problem snatching a boy - she is cute afterall :)

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