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The Princesses and the Castle

So, today we got a day off school/work because it's "Tweede Pinksterdag" aka Pentacost. Well, Pentacost was yesterday but it's also observed Monday so most everyone gets a paid holiday. Thank goodness for the Catholics - if it wasn't for them we wouldn't have so many fun days off. And of course, thank goodness for Jesus :)
So, we planned to visit a castle today. We went to a beautiful castle called Heeswijk. It was a nice location, too because it was really out there away from other cities and towns. We told Kailea in advance that we'd go see a castle today and she was really happy about that. She even came into my room this morning to tell me:
I was on the phone with the Princess. I told her I was coming to the Castle to see her.
Ahh, so cute. So she was really looking forward to it. We took a detour so it took probably 10 minutes longer to get there but well worth it. And then we almost didn't have enough money to go inside. Luckily, Ella didn't ha…

Girly Things

So today Kailea was playing with those same two neighbor boys and there was a few funny moments I'd like to record. First, she was showing them her "haar spelletjes" aka hair thingies - berrets that sort of thing. And the one little boy who is amost 5 only has 3 brothers and no sisters says "what's that?" And Kailea is practically yelling in his ear (kids talk loud) it's a HAAR SPELLETJE. Almost like she's saying it in a "duh" kind of way. And this little boy was like "huh"- he just didn't get it.

And then she pulls out her lipsmackers lip balm and puts it on her lips and the boys are just staring at her with their mouths open wide - in amazement - what is that? And even though I've told her several times, it's only for your lips, she puts it on her fingernails and then they all put it on their finger nails and next thing you know - it's all gone.

I find this very amusing - these little boys completely in awe of …

Visit with Friends

Kailea and Ella stayed and played at a neighbors house while I did a bit of grocery shopping today. Here is a picture that was snapped of them sitting on the couch watching Beauty and The Beast. Kailea was completely absorbed in this movie - and even a bit scared - she's definitely scared of the Beast but cannot take her eyes off of him and wiggling in her chair at the same time from fear. It's kind of funny. The boys were not phased by it at all.
Ella kept hitting the younger boy and trying to knock his glasses off. Luckily that didn't bother him either. In fact, my friend said that at one point the boys were fighting over who got to sit next to Ella. They really adore her. I think older kids just like babies though. Because girls Ella's age are funny. They are exploring and knocking things around. Throwing mangoes on the floor. They can't really talk yet. And kids just think that's funny. Babies certainly are amusing. 

School Photo

Today when I picked Kailea up from school I see all the kids running out with their school photos. I was very excited to see Kailea's. And guess what? She says I'm not allowed to see it until we get home. My friend Monica was standing next to me and asks, can I see it? And Kailea says okay. So I got a peek at the photo and she's very cute in it. But Kailea stuffs it back into her bag and we walk home.
The funny thing about this is that Mark just wrote a blog post about how he cannot take many photos of Kailea anymore because she's being difficult in her tender age of 4 and she doesn't like it when he's around with his camera. She also told him - I had my school photo taken and that's enough for me.
Well, I'm very glad about this photo because just a few months ago she had her photo taken for the first time at the preschool and she didn't have a clue what was going on. It was not a very lovely photo. Now I have prepped her and I let her know in advance…

The podium

Tonight Kailea moved this little doll closet to the center of the room and put her microphone next to it. She said she was playing "church" - oh I see, it's a podium. Then she began her sermon. Of course, she was not really saying anything at the same time saying lots of words - whatever her 4 year old mind came up with - but when I asked, what are you talking about - she said: Jesus.

Ahh, so cute.

The kiddos

I love being a mom. It's so much fun and at the same time - very tiring and hard work, too. But the kiddos are in bed now and that leaves time for... me time!
Kailea is 4 years old. She hardly ever cuddles with me - that doesn't mean that she doesn't constantly want my attention though. But today, she stubbed her toe on the corner of the wall and she was crying real good... and I said, you want to hug. And she did - and we cuddled for a little while. It was nice.

Ella on the other hand, loves to cuddle. She's that age. And just last night she even started giving kisses. They were, of course, slobbery and runny nosed  - nevertheless - she is kissing back. And that is so sweet. She's also playing very well on her own these days and loves to explore - explore - explore! She's our own little "Dora the explorer" - she's out to discover! And to get into trouble... she colored with green marking pen on our white walls.
That's it... for now on, people w…