Personal Progress Survey

So, I'm conducting a survey as part of my Knowledge value project. I want to know how Young Women feel about Personal Progress. Do they like it? What motivates them to do it? If the YW medallion is enough incentive for them to do it. I love the Personal Progress program because I like setting goals and growing in different areas. It's fun. But I get the feeling that some people just don't like the program. They don't like the leaders nagging them all the time about doing Personal Progress. And as a leader, myself, doing the program for the second time - I wonder how others feel about it. And I wonder if the girls could earn something other than stickers and ribbons if they would feel more motivated to do it. I know that if they got into it they would really love it too - it just seems like starting it is a big problem. So, I've put together some questions using - and I'm hoping to gather some results. Please do the survey and pass it on to all your friends or family that also participate or have participated in the program - this will help me out a lot.

And when the survey closes in about a month or so - I will post some results - you'd have to come back to my blog if you wish to see those -- So you'll have to favorite my blog for the meantime until I post again - on or around April 30.

Here is the link for the survey - and again, if you can help pass it on to friends or family that would be great :)

or click here.


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