Diner or Cafe

I don't really know the difference between a diner and cafe except that diners are usually open late and have really interesting people there. The food is always excellent - usually. My favorite Diner to go to use to be 5 & Diner - they have them in Phoenix. I use to love to order - breakfast food. We would always go in the evening though but I would order, eggs, toast and hashbrowns with an oreo shake - the best! I miss those days. 

So, someday I would like to own and work in my own little cafe or diner. I want the food to be super good... but vegetarian. In other words, I want a vegetarian restaurant that serves diner-style food. I love those vegetarian little turkey-style sausages - yum yum. And it would be good to have a cafe/diner that serves up vegetarian food that actually tastes good and that isn't weird.

Okay, so I've created a websurvey and now I want to know about your favorite diner food.



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