Baby Names

So, maybe we are getting a girl in August -

here are two names we are considering -

1) Emily
2) Sierra

tell me - my two or three faithful followers, what do you think? Which name do you like better and why?


Mark said…
Well, we talk about this all the time byt I'll kick off the comments anyway. I like Sierra but it just doesn't sound that good in dutch. It's just a little bit different but I'd have to get used to it maybe.

I do like Emily, it sounds good. I can imagine myself using this name every day.
cutekittypunk said…
I've just gotten so used to the name Sierra since before Ella was born b/c it was a name you liked then... and now i'm kind of use to it... so by the name the next girl is born i *might* get used to Emily.
I think emily is an over used name-maybe just here, but I like Sierra better. Nathan will tell you to name her Emily because he wants to use the name Sierra, but it doesn't matter...whoever gets it first ya know :)
cutekittypunk said…
Oh Audree - thanks for telling me that b/c I feel sort of bad not using the name Sierra b/c I know my Mom has said in the past that she wants someone to use it.... Mark and I have decided on a name and it's not Emily or Sierra. It is spanish though - and begins with an S... that is all I will tell you for now... ha ha ha... Mark says I can't keep a secret and he wants to wait to reveal the name at a later date... so there ya go!
Anonymous said…
Sounds like you've chosen your name...but I still like Sierra. It has ties to where you have spent part of your the foot of the Sierra Nevadas.
cutekittypunk said…
We have chosen the name - and i look forward to revealing it - b/c i look forward to the birth of this girly :)

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