April 1

So we got this letter from Kailea's school yesterday that says apologies - our excuses, but the plumbling will be out of order between 9 and 1 so send your kid to school with a bucket and have them practice on it at home and they will provide the toilet paper. But it was worded in such a way that I believed it plus I didn't realize that April Fools Jokes were done over here even by schools! Mark was just about to call the school to tell them that Kailea would not be coming in the morning because we didn't approve of their bucket solution to the problem - when he realized - it was an April's Fools joke. So, he took Kailea to school and reported that there were a few kids with buckets - but because he was late - he did not see just how many students/parents showed up with a bucket. Ha ha. It's pretty funny actually - but I bet a few of those parents like myself that don't completely understand the language where a bit ticked off.

Anyways, my next post below - about Personal Progess is NO JOKE. I just happened to post it the first day of the month... I should have done it yesterday - doh!


haha! That is AWESOME!

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