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Diner Food

One respondent to my blog said they like chicken strips. I think I can make those vegetarian - and good! - no problem. I'm off to find the perfect batter :)


Here is a new survey I just created. Survey here

The reason for this survey is that I want to create my own line of perfume. I know, I have a lot of lofty dreams. I'm a day dreamer. I'm a day dream believer!

Diner or Cafe

I don't really know the difference between a diner and cafe except that diners are usually open late and have really interesting people there. The food is always excellent - usually. My favorite Diner to go to use to be 5 & Diner - they have them in Phoenix. I use to love to order - breakfast food. We would always go in the evening though but I would order, eggs, toast and hashbrowns with an oreo shake - the best! I miss those days. 

So, someday I would like to own and work in my own little cafe or diner. I want the food to be super good... but vegetarian. In other words, I want a vegetarian restaurant that serves diner-style food. I love those vegetarian little turkey-style sausages - yum yum. And it would be good to have a cafe/diner that serves up vegetarian food that actually tastes good and that isn't weird.

Okay, so I've created a websurvey and now I want to know about your favorite diner food.


Personal Progress/Motivation Results

97% of you love Personal Progress. That's great - except that the overwhelming response comes from parents and or YW leaders. What I really want to know is what young women who are doing the program right now think. I think they are not even interested in filling out the survey. They have no time for a 5-10 minute survey... do they have no time for Personal Progress?

Let's look at some of the individual responses from these girls. I got 10 responses from girls in Young Womens now. One Laurel girl from Utah reports she like Personal Progress - she is excited to earn the medallion. She works on this together with a friend. She is satisfied with earning stickers and ribbons and doesn't need anything else to keep going. Good for her - she rocks.

The next one, a Beehive girl who lives out west says she likes Personal Progress. She is motivated by parents, leaders and earning the medallion. She works on her PP together with her Mom. She likes earning stickers and ribbons but wou…

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting and Fresh Strawberries

It wasn't anyone's birthday but I made this cake because I have this dream to someday open up my own cafe. And I thought I'd better start figuring out which recipes are the best and then I'll know which ones to have available in my cafe. So I decided to make one special yummy dessert every month on a Monday night - Family Home Evening for us - which is a good excuse - this one tasted quite strong the first night - but by day two was quite excellent - some cakes need an extra day to let all the flavors blend. Plus, I had read a tutorial about how to frost a cake without running into that problem of crumbs mixing in with the frosting - which is a problem I've had in the past. And the secret is to brush the cake with simple syrup - I used a raspberry/apple flavored syrup like ranja (limonade) to get the same effect and it flavored it quite nicely and paired with the strawberries nicely, too. This cake was also nice because it wasn't too dense like Mark usually lik…

Baby Names

So, maybe we are getting a girl in August -

here are two names we are considering -

1) Emily
2) Sierra

tell me - my two or three faithful followers, what do you think? Which name do you like better and why?

It's a... girl... maybe!

So, yesterday I had my 20 week echo to make sure the baby is healthy as far as they can see - but what we were really curious about was the sex of the baby - and because with Kailea we couldn't tell at 20 weeks I really hoped we'd be able to see with 99% accuracy if this one is a girl or boy... and this one just like Kailea - it had it's legs and feet all curled up so we couldn't tell exactly if it's a boy or girl but the technician thinks it might be a girl because she says boys cannot hide the gender so easily.

I'm satisfied that it's a girl... but Opa wants a boy so at my next appointment I'll ask if they can have another look to confirm if it's a boy or girl.

April 1

So we got this letter from Kailea's school yesterday that says apologies - our excuses, but the plumbling will be out of order between 9 and 1 so send your kid to school with a bucket and have them practice on it at home and they will provide the toilet paper. But it was worded in such a way that I believed it plus I didn't realize that April Fools Jokes were done over here even by schools! Mark was just about to call the school to tell them that Kailea would not be coming in the morning because we didn't approve of their bucket solution to the problem - when he realized - it was an April's Fools joke. So, he took Kailea to school and reported that there were a few kids with buckets - but because he was late - he did not see just how many students/parents showed up with a bucket. Ha ha. It's pretty funny actually - but I bet a few of those parents like myself that don't completely understand the language where a bit ticked off.

Anyways, my next post below - abo…

Personal Progress Survey

So, I'm conducting a survey as part of my Knowledge value project. I want to know how Young Women feel about Personal Progress. Do they like it? What motivates them to do it? If the YW medallion is enough incentive for them to do it. I love the Personal Progress program because I like setting goals and growing in different areas. It's fun. But I get the feeling that some people just don't like the program. They don't like the leaders nagging them all the time about doing Personal Progress. And as a leader, myself, doing the program for the second time - I wonder how others feel about it. And I wonder if the girls could earn something other than stickers and ribbons if they would feel more motivated to do it. I know that if they got into it they would really love it too - it just seems like starting it is a big problem. So, I've put together some questions using - and I'm hoping to gather some results. Please do the survey and pass it on to all …