can help me decide a couple things - read on!

Today I ate something other than a sandwich. I ate pasta salad. I found a recipe here and tried it out. It was very cheesy. I would have preferred a spinach pesto with less cheese. I actually used nutritional yeast in place of the Parmesan but I would like something with just spinach and some olive oil and garlic and pine nuts next time. Something just more simple. If anyone has any suggestions or can point me in the right direction - please do!

Luckily, I tried to improve this pasta salad with a couple things I really like, some fried eggplant - yum yum and chopped walnuts and chopped sun-dried tomatoes. But I think it could use something more - like olives maybe or fresh cut up tomatoes. Oh yeah, I threw in some feta and served it cold :)

And I instead of my usual fruit juice - I had chocolate milk - yummy. It's going good with the pregnancy. I'm 16 weeks now and have only gained 5 pounds overall. I was reading that the average weight gain (according to March of Dimes) at this point is 6 pounds - so hey, that's cool - I'm below average - who hoo!

Just four more weeks until my 20 week echo and I know that the reason for the echo is to make sure the baby is healthy and all that but I'm really excited to know if it's a boy or girl -- I sure hope we are able to see that.

I've got big plans for this little one - like names, and baby colors in the nursery/baby room. I want to crochet a nice afgan for my little one - and the colors really depend on if he's a he or she's a she. I'm thinking lime green, yellow and turquoise for boy --- i love that color combination. But if she's a she - then I'm thinking violet, lime green, pink - well these are the designs I'm considering - found here and here!

Which one is your favorite design? You can help me decide which one to make - of course, keep in mind that I will use my own color combinations as stated above :)


I really like the second pattern...I'm thinking of maybe doing that one for myself-once I finish the one I already started
shea said…
I only saw one pattern???

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