A Really Healthy Sandwich & Fruit Juice

So lately, I'm back to feeling like eating healthy again. yay! It's been a while since I've been in the mood for salads and such. There are two ways I like to enjoy this sandwich - one is with cream cheese and chives - the other is without. So what I do is slather the cream cheese and chive spread on a whole wheat bun. Then I top that with cucumber slices, lettuce, tomato and a mixture of alfalfa sprouts. They have a mix you can buy at the store that has 3 types of sprouts in it - it's uber healthy. And this version I love because cream cheese when really slathered on is just so creamy - I like that. Today I had this sandwich in a vegan version using cucumber-cashew dip* as my spread and then omiting the extra cucumber slices.

Then I pair it with something sweet like some fresh fruit juice. Actually, I haven't replaced my juice maker so I've been buying the more expensive juices at the store. You know they have two kinds of fruit juice you can buy in the Netherlands. One is refrigerated and that is the more expensive and in my opinion, better tasting - fresher - healthier - yummier juice. And then they have the other stuff that is not kept cool on the same isle as the soda pops. That is also good once you refrigerate it but I've found a new product from HERO - they normally make jams and such. And their juice contains no added sugar. It's so yummy, too. I've tried three different kinds. Today I had this strawberry kind. The other day I had apple - and the color of the apple was like as if it came from a juicer - very thick. And then I've had a mango version. All very yummy and almost smoothie like.

*cashew cucumber dip from V-con -so yummy and also found here.


Mark said…
You should save me some of that juice. I'd like to try it.

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