Apple Hero Juice - Yum !
and a really good egg salad sandwich


I'm back to eating really good again. I love the second trimester - it's as if I'm not even pregnant because I can eat whatever I want. The cool thing though is that I'm craving food that is actually good for me - rather than junk food which was I all craved in the first trimester. The only downside is that I do get occasional heart burn due to spicy food or over eating. Although, I almost never over eat anymore - except for when we have pizza because it's just so darn good it's really hard not to have one more slice :)

Today I'm going to review two juices. One I recommend because it is so yummy and the price is fair. The other one I will not recommend because the price is just so out there and besides it's really tart. So, the first one is from Hero - fruit and Co - apple juice. It's not 100% apple juice because they add quite a bit of lemon to it which gives it a nice tartiness as if drinking a granny smith apple - but still sweet and oh so yummy and look at that color - it's as if it came right from the juicer. I recommend!

The second juice I got was from POM Wonderful - imported from the U.S.A. which probably explains why it's so expensive. It comes in a bottle a little less than half a liter and it cost about 3.67 euro I think. But I just wanted to try it. I thought because it's so pricey I'll just drink it in a shot glass - except I don't have any shot glasses because I don't drink liquor. But it is so tart - so very tart that drinking it in small doses is best. After trying a bit of that and then going back to Hero apple - the Hero apple didn't even taste tart at all - it just tasted sweet! That just goes to say how very tart the Pom juice was. The thing is it says it's half pomegranate and half mango - but I tell you I could not taste any mango. It tasted a bit like red grape juice actually - like really tart-sour grape juice. It's not so tart that you don't want to drink it though - it's still enjoyable - it's just so pricey that you don't want to drink it - not very often at least.

Okay, the second thing I'm going to tell you about is my awesome egg salad sandwich. Again I'm very fond of using the trio - sprouts - alfalfa and the other one has black on it - looks a bit like kiwi seeds and then these purple ones - very healthy - tasty and satisfying, too.

The secret to this sandwich is in the end - here is what I do - I take a very healthy whole wheat hearty bread bun, slice it. Spread garlicy mayo on each side, and then some mustard on the top half only. Then I top the bottom half with the hard boiled egg slices, then I top that with small torn pieces of lettuce. Then I top that with the alfalfa sprouts trio and then - here is the secret ingredients - a little oil, vinegar, salt and pepper - and that's it. It really tastes like you got it from Subway - I think it's the oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. I like to use a white pepper, and apple cider vinegar but I'm sure any cheap white vinegar will do. It's so yummy that I think I will eat this one day again next week. Here is my half eaten sandwich - yum yum!


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