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YOU - can help me decide a couple things - read on!
Today I ate something other than a sandwich. I ate pasta salad. I found a recipe here and tried it out. It was very cheesy. I would have preferred a spinach pesto with less cheese. I actually used nutritional yeast in place of the Parmesan but I would like something with just spinach and some olive oil and garlic and pine nuts next time. Something just more simple. If anyone has any suggestions or can point me in the right direction - please do!

Luckily, I tried to improve this pasta salad with a couple things I really like, some fried eggplant - yum yum and chopped walnuts and chopped sun-dried tomatoes. But I think it could use something more - like olives maybe or fresh cut up tomatoes. Oh yeah, I threw in some feta and served it cold :)

And I instead of my usual fruit juice - I had chocolate milk - yummy. It's going good with the pregnancy. I'm 16 weeks now and have only gained 5 pounds overall. I was reading that the averag…
Apple Hero Juice - Yum ! and a really good egg salad sandwich

I'm back to eating really good again. I love the second trimester - it's as if I'm not even pregnant because I can eat whatever I want. The cool thing though is that I'm craving food that is actually good for me - rather than junk food which was I all craved in the first trimester. The only downside is that I do get occasional heart burn due to spicy food or over eating. Although, I almost never over eat anymore - except for when we have pizza because it's just so darn good it's really hard not to have one more slice :)

Today I'm going to review two juices. One I recommend because it is so yummy and the price is fair. The other one I will not recommend because the price is just so out there and besides it's really tart. So, the first one is from Hero - fruit and Co - apple juice. It's not 100% apple juice because they add quite a bit of lemon to it which gives it a nice tartiness as if d…
A Really Healthy Sandwich & Fruit Juice

So lately, I'm back to feeling like eating healthy again. yay! It's been a while since I've been in the mood for salads and such. There are two ways I like to enjoy this sandwich - one is with cream cheese and chives - the other is without. So what I do is slather the cream cheese and chive spread on a whole wheat bun. Then I top that with cucumber slices, lettuce, tomato and a mixture of alfalfa sprouts. They have a mix you can buy at the store that has 3 types of sprouts in it - it's uber healthy. And this version I love because cream cheese when really slathered on is just so creamy - I like that. Today I had this sandwich in a vegan version using cucumber-cashew dip* as my spread and then omiting the extra cucumber slices.

Then I pair it with something sweet like some fresh fruit juice. Actually, I haven't replaced my juice maker so I've been buying the more expensive juices at the store. You know they have two kind…