The Goal Which One Acts On...

It's really difficult to take it easy and try to just maintain weight because technically one is not supposed to diet during pregnancy - but the aim is to overcome the natural tendancies to eat junk food and instead eat good healthy food. That has pretty much been my goal for the longest time - to have self control over myself!

the goal which one acts on: the realm :) ha ha

anyways, the goal is to have a healthy pregnancy and body so that when the baby comes i weigh less then than i do now.

yes, it is confirmed - the pregnancy test is positive - the approximate due date is aug 22 -

i'm hoping for a girl... but a boy will be welcomed as well :)


I know I lost weight while I was pregnant, because at 6 weeks after having her I am 11 lbs lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight...but I still have a lot to go. Just eat healthy and you will be able to lost 'fat' weight, but still gain baby weight. *good luck*

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