Forever Strong.

Recently I saw the rugby movie - Forever Strong - about the Highland Rugby team and coach Gelwix. It was a feel good movie similar to Remember the Titans. I really enjoyed the movie. On the DVD are some extra's - one of which is Life Lessons from Coach Gelwix. He talks about several things - Don't play with snakes, Attitude and Effort are Everything, Choose Wisely, No Regrets and Focus on the final score.

I could immediately apply all of the life lessons to my life - but I can apply three of these life lessons to my weight loss goals. First, don't play with snakes. Okay for me this would mean don't look at cook books with chocolate cake recipes, cookie recipes, etc while dieting - because it's just too tempting and will not help! Okay that's pretty obvious right? But here it is December and I'm thinking about which cookies, what fudge recipe, etc I'm going to make for neighbors and friends for delivery on Christmas eve - so it's only natural that I'd want to look at my cook books... but it's playing with fire - it's playing with snakes - and it's just not smart - I could save that activity for the weekend when I'm allowed a little freedom to eat "normal".

Another way I would be playing with snakes: shopping while hungry - and just don't go down the candy aisle - just avoid that aisle all together - don't even look - while I'm at it - don't walk past the candy store Jamin - oh how I love that place... or the chocolate store in the centrum (which has the best chocolates - which I will allow myself to eat on Valentine's day).

Okay, second and third life lessons - they go hand in hand - No regrets and Focus on the final score. So coach Gelwix talks about two kinds of pain. There is the kind of pain from hard work - the kind of pain I experience every Monday through Friday when I have to exercise mind over body and drink water in place of eating cookies - but this kind of pain - doesn't last and it has it's rewards. When every Thursday I step on my scale and see the number drop by a few pounds or when my pants are getting looser - that's good pain!

Then there is the pain of regret - and that never goes away. So, I remember when it gets tough No regrets and Focus on the final score. Coach Gelwix says - imagine you are playing in a basketball game and you know the final score before the game even starts - with one condition - you play your absolute best - you are allowed a few fouls along the way, penalty shots, etc but you play with all your effort. So, you know you are gonna win. Now, if at half time the score is down by 30 points do you give up? Do you throw in the towel? NO! Because you know the final score - you know you are gonna win as long as you give it your best effort. Now if at half time you are ahead by 30 points do you relax a little? NO! Because you know the final socre - you play with all your effort - you do your best. So, how does this apply to weight loss. Well, I already know the final score. I know that if I keep doing the things I'm doing that in time I will be thin, fit and healthy. So I focus on the goal - the final score - I don't give up - I don't coast a little and relax - I give it my best effort to achieve the final score - the final outcome - my goal - a slender and sexier* me :D

Now, I'm not perfect and I will make mistakes along the way, I'm allowed penalty shots, fouls, etc - but as long as I don't give up - as long as I don't quit while I'm ahead - I will make it... as long as I give it my best effort - that's why when times get tough - when the cravings start in - even around that certain time of the month - I'm gonna remember the final score!

*I say sexier me because let's face it - rolls of fat are anything but sexy.


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