ARGH... it's getting tough.

so last Thursday I step and the scale and again - an all time low 205.5... but then I'm up again after the weekend. Not a problem really because by my usual weigh in day I'm down again... but it just goes to show that "eating normal" on the weekend does not mean eat as much chocolate as you want - sometimes I feel like I have no control once I start in on it though which means that I should not start - but it's real hard to say no to the things you "love."

okay, a new dilemma though - I reveal something to all who read this blog - those that don't read will just have to wait till a later - more confirmed date - but here it goes - I've been trying to get pregnant for a while. And back in September I did get pregnant - but then I miscarried pretty quickly... again I find myself not having my period when I should be - so I'll take a home pregnancy test tomorrow and see what it says - but it's just that I feel like I"m doing so well on this diet and to stop would suck. I know that in general one must not diet while pregnant - but it is allowed to eat right during pregnancy - which is the same thing as a diet to me... a complete life style change - no sweets during pregnancy - no chocolate, etc - that's how some people do it - and for me I find myself saying - that's not possible - not for me... so that's why I say may I sort of continue with this diet - adding rice, potato, an extra tortilla etc at dinner time and then on the weekends "eating normal" or in other words, eating chocolate, etc?

I think that's fair - and highly doable for me as well.


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