The number is going lower - the weight is slowly coming off - it's noticeable - especially with my clothes - they feel looser.

So, I've been doing the most difficult days on Monday and Thursday - the reason being that those are the days I weigh myself... Monday's because that's when my friend does it and Thursday because that is the day I've always done it (since the beginning of this year at least).

There was one thing I did differently today. It was delicious. In place of the 200g fish I could eat - I had a warm bowl of vegetarian pea soup with salsa. I had leftover salsa and it tasted awesome with the pea soup - just delicious! Then I had this whole wheat rye cracker. I'm eating those now in place of the beschuit to help keep me more regular. Well, that bowl of soup was maybe only 1 1/2 to 2 cups at the most and it was so filling. So I may make that a regular thing - eat some kind of lentil or bean soup on "Day 5" to replace the fish - which I'm not all that fond of eating - and because I like variety - it's the spice of life!

The other thing I want to try next week is eating alternative salads - just because I'm already bored with the plain half head of lettuce, tomato, egg, and croutons - and dressing of my choice. I saw this really yummy recipe for a sort of "cole slaw" - but it used beet and parnip - shredded in a pineapple dressing - and that combination really intrigues me - so I may do that next week on a bed of lettuce instead.

I haven't been perfect this week - I did eat like 3 peppermints yesterday but luckily that isn't enough to kill this diet. Although, my "cheating" did scare me. I thought for sure that I would step on the scale and weigh the same. But when I saw 205.5 - I was like - amazed - and happy.

So, now, only one more day - till the weekend - then I can eat normal again - then I can eat that slice of pumpkin pie Vanessa gave me... and bake some Christmas truffles (and proof some, too).


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