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The Goal Which One Acts On...

It's really difficult to take it easy and try to just maintain weight because technically one is not supposed to diet during pregnancy - but the aim is to overcome the natural tendancies to eat junk food and instead eat good healthy food. That has pretty much been my goal for the longest time - to have self control over myself!

the goal which one acts on: the realm :) ha ha

anyways, the goal is to have a healthy pregnancy and body so that when the baby comes i weigh less then than i do now.

yes, it is confirmed - the pregnancy test is positive - the approximate due date is aug 22 -

i'm hoping for a girl... but a boy will be welcomed as well :)
ARGH... it's getting tough.

so last Thursday I step and the scale and again - an all time low 205.5... but then I'm up again after the weekend. Not a problem really because by my usual weigh in day I'm down again... but it just goes to show that "eating normal" on the weekend does not mean eat as much chocolate as you want - sometimes I feel like I have no control once I start in on it though which means that I should not start - but it's real hard to say no to the things you "love."

okay, a new dilemma though - I reveal something to all who read this blog - those that don't read will just have to wait till a later - more confirmed date - but here it goes - I've been trying to get pregnant for a while. And back in September I did get pregnant - but then I miscarried pretty quickly... again I find myself not having my period when I should be - so I'll take a home pregnancy test tomorrow and see what it says - but it's just that I feel l…

The number is going lower - the weight is slowly coming off - it's noticeable - especially with my clothes - they feel looser.

So, I've been doing the most difficult days on Monday and Thursday - the reason being that those are the days I weigh myself... Monday's because that's when my friend does it and Thursday because that is the day I've always done it (since the beginning of this year at least).

There was one thing I did differently today. It was delicious. In place of the 200g fish I could eat - I had a warm bowl of vegetarian pea soup with salsa. I had leftover salsa and it tasted awesome with the pea soup - just delicious! Then I had this whole wheat rye cracker. I'm eating those now in place of the beschuit to help keep me more regular. Well, that bowl of soup was maybe only 1 1/2 to 2 cups at the most and it was so filling. So I may make that a regular thing - eat some kind of lentil or bean soup on "Day 5" to replace the fish - which I&#…
Never the same cake twice...

is the name of my newest blog venture. This is where I will display cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes and anything related to that from now on. A link is found by clicking on the high lighted "blog" just 1 line up or by clicking on the link in My Blog List.

The idea of this blog is to illicit orders for cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes or whatever. It's also a place where I can share some ideas for others. You don't have to order a cake through me - you can just get some ideas there.

I'm really looking forward to the holidays. I have big plans. We have a ward Christmas dinner coming up - I plan to make a cake shaped like a Christmas tree - and I'm thinking cherry chocolate cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting - yum! And then for actual Christmas day I want to do a cake similar - with dark chocolate, almonds and cherries but with more of a chocolate glaze and topped with a pile of cake ball truffels. Then my birthday is a few days a…

The diet I'm doing - is going great. Today I was rewarded with the pain of hard work when I stepped on my scale and saw the number hit 208! Yes - two hundred and eight pounds is a lot - but it's lower than I've been in a long time. And I'm not satisfied with staying here so I'm gonna keep losing more. I'm sticking with this diet for as long as I can.

The beautiful thing about this diet is - I can work with it and it works for me. Today I didn't even eat everything I was allowed to because I was too full! Yep that's right I'm still full from my healthy dinner that I don't have room for my two oranges and yogurt. But not too worry, I will make up for that on Saturday when we celebrate Sinterklaas :)

Tonights dinner was so delicious. I made home made salsa to replace eating only a tomato - I served my salsa over my veggie patty on a bed of lettuce and I had a beschuit with it. Then I drank lots of water. That's it - and I'm still full :)

Forever Strong.

Recently I saw the rugby movie - Forever Strong - about the Highland Rugby team and coach Gelwix. It was a feel good movie similar to Remember the Titans. I really enjoyed the movie. On the DVD are some extra's - one of which is Life Lessons from Coach Gelwix. He talks about several things - Don't play with snakes, Attitude and Effort are Everything, Choose Wisely, No Regrets and Focus on the final score.

I could immediately apply all of the life lessons to my life - but I can apply three of these life lessons to my weight loss goals. First, don't play with snakes. Okay for me this would mean don't look at cook books with chocolate cake recipes, cookie recipes, etc while dieting - because it's just too tempting and will not help! Okay that's pretty obvious right? But here it is December and I'm thinking about which cookies, what fudge recipe, etc I'm going to make for neighbors and friends for delivery on Christmas eve - so it's only n…

This is the diet plan that i've been following the last couple weeks. I'm doing it together with a friend and that makes it so helpful - to be accountable to someone besides yourself. This is the one where you eat very strict monday through friday and on the weekend you can relax a little - eat normal - a bit of ice cream and a slice of pizza if I want to.

Each day is a bit different in the plan. I've tried doing day 5 on Monday versus on Friday to see how I feel. So far I think it is better to do it in reverse. I like to mix things up a bit. Today I ate day 4 menu and I had a good idea for it - went really well. Typically on Day 4 I would consume for breakfast: 1 orange, 1 beschuit, 1 glass tea; lunch: 1 pickle, 1 cup plain yogurt, 1 tomato, 1 beschuit; dinner: 1 apple, 2 tomatoes, 1 beschuit, 1 beef steak = 125g.

Here is what I do to make it interesting and achieveable for me! For breakfast I usually juice my orange or I switch it evenly with 2 mandarins. I can also ha…