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Cakes -

So, I baked a Dora Cake last week for a friend's child's birthday. it was fun. she said i should do it for a business... i thought, i'm too busy for that... but i thought about it and it is something that i am into - i once tried to put together a website for selling American-style fudge - we called it fudge-a-rama! well, i also thought a while a go about doing a store for cookies - calling it yummy cookie -- now i think i'll do the cake - i was thinking Melissa-ABC: as in American-style Birthday Cakes... do you like that name people? or do you think i should go with something like: Yummy Cakes?

Let me know, i will be setting up another blog for the cake biz - thanks.
"Never to late"

Well, it feels like forever since i've done a post... i've been busy - Mom of two - takes a lot of time! I'm back on again on the hospital diet aka ziekenhuisdieet. It's going well. I'm down seven pounds since the beginning of November and I hope to keep it going until the new year at which time I may switch over to Weight Watchers again... this time not the online version - I've got a 365 days book in which to follow - less planning and thinking about it.

It's 10pm on a friday night and i'm tired... i just really want to go to sleep...

but a small update first about my activities - i've been working hard on many projects - today I finished a birthday cake for one of Kailea's friends and I can't wait to give it to her mom tomorrow - i think she will be thrilled with the results - it was a difficult cake but it turned out pretty good: Dora and boots!

I've also put together a little something for my sister in law wh…