Het Ziekenhuis Dieet
The Hospital Diet

It basically consists of the essentials you need to live – but it is a crash diet – resulting often in the yo-yo effect – in other words, return of previously lost weight.

Why I decided to try it – lots of weight loss promised.

Does it work? Yes. I did it for 3 ½ days and in that time I lost 5 pounds.

Why I stopped or basically adjusted what I was eating: I heard that I was doing my body more harm that good. I was essentially starving my body, slowing down my metabolism, and my body was using muscle not fat to create energy. I also had no energy or at least very little – and when you are a Mom of two and need to run a household you absolutely need energy.

I decided that I like the idea of following a strict diet though. In the past I have done WW and although I do believe it works and it had worked for me in the past, it wasn't working for me now. I didn't like the idea of counting points anymore – where as before I had time to do that... now I don't.

I shall next continue to follow the food ideas in the Ziekenhuisdieet (ZHD) but increase the amounts or add a soup, slice of cheese, etc to the meal so that I get enough but so I'm not overeating and pigging out on cookies and chips.

Then I will try out the Sonja Bakker diet. My mother-in-law has the book and she will loan it to me. Then hopefully I get enough food throughout the day where I feel like I can do about 40-60 minutes of aerobic activity and not pass out.

The ZHD looks really boring, but I took the requirements and tried to prepare them in such a way that made it a bit more exciting. Follow my progress below to see what I've done. Link to original ZHD here.

Day 1
Breakfast: 1 beschuit, 1 orange, 1 glass tea (no sugar or milk added)
Not really anything interesting you can do with this. My oranges where sweet but the segments dry and hard. Not to exciting to eat so I always juiced them. Plain beschuit is actually not bad and I've learned to enjoy them... better than a rice cake, too.
Lunch: 1 orange, 1 egg, 2 bekers yogurt, 2 beschuit or toast
I thought about all the ways I could prepare an egg. And something that I came up with is scramble the egg and dip the toast in the egg – fry it like French toast. Now if you strain the yogurt with cheese cloth the night before you get yogurt cheese. Add grated orange peel to this and some liquid Stevia. You can serve this yogurt cheese with your French toast and juice the orange for drink.
Dinner: 2 tomatoes, 2 eggs, 1 beker yogurt, 2 beschuit or toast, half head of lettuce and eventually a little bit of oil, vinegar and salt to top it off.
So basically, these are the ingredients to a really BIG salad. I had to cut this into two servings, so I had an earlier dinner around 4 and a later dinner when my husband came home. Actually I couldn't even finish the second salad – it was just too much. I hard boiled the eggs and made my beschuit into croûtons. I also combine a bit of the yogurt with the oil, vinegar and salt for a nice yogurt dressing. It was very filling.

Day 2
Breakfast: same as Day 1. I made it different each day by drinking a different flavor tea. I always sweetened my tea with liquid Stevia. One little drop is enough.
Lunch: same as Day 1. Only this time I scrambled the egg and fried it in a non-stick pan and just served the fried egg between two beschuit. Kind of like a Mcmuffin sandwich. It was very good actually. I also found that I really enjoy plain yogurt mixed with fresh squeezed orange juice and a bit of the grated orange peel. It makes for a very delicious yogurt drink. Simple but good – also sweetened with about 2 drops liquid Stevia.
Dinner: 1 orange, 1 tomato, 1 beker yogurt, 1 beschuit or toast, 1 “grilled” vlees vervanger aka meat substitute like tofu or something.
I really thought about this and I figure it doesn't say you can't add spices. I figure they just don't want you to add sugar to the meal. So I wanted to try a little Indian food that night. I figure with yogurt and tomato – I could add a little masala or other curry spices to my meal, and maybe even replace the beschuit with a small pita. This was a delicious and exciting meal. I didn't take a picture because I was so hungry and I ate it up fast.

Day 3
Breakfast: same as above.
Lunch: same as above.
Only this time I tried to get creative again. What I did was make yogurt cheese the night before. Then I combined the yogurt cheese together with grated orange peel and an egg. But I separated the egg first and whipped the egg white till stiff, fluffy and white. Then I added this back into the cheese mixture. Then I put a few drops liquid Stevia in. Then I cut the beschuit down to fit into my baking pan (like a ramekin) and then I put this cheese mixture on top and baked it for 20 minutes at 150-C degrees. Then I let it cool a little – then I let it cool quickly by putting it in the refrigerator. Then I could easily remove it from the sides and I ate it like that. It made two of these little soufflé-cheesecakes. I don't know how else to describe it. But it was interesting although not as tasty as the previous day because I prefer my egg scramble and served up like a crunchy Mcmuffin. Then I just juiced my orange and drank that along side it.
Dinner: 1 orange, 125g grilled protein vervanger/meat substitute, 1 beker yogurt, 1 beschuit or toast. What I did was eat one vegetarian smoked sausage. I baked it in the oven and I ate one plain beschuit. I combined my orange with the yogurt for that delicious yogurt drink. I was also making dinner for everyone else and indulged in steamed green beans. I don't really feel bad about that – because it's a vegetable – not a lot of calories and good for you! I also indulged in one big spoonful of mashed potatoes – and those were really, really good.

Day 4
Breakfast: same as above.
Lunch: 200g protein vervanger/meat substitute, 1 tomato, half head lettuce + little oil, vinegar + salt. What I did was eat some leftover chickpea curry. It was made using mainly a tomato based sauce. So I took my kitchen scale and measured out 250g of these delicious beans in sauce. Then because I found the previous salad so boring from Day 1, I decided to use only ¼ head of lettuce instead of a half. Then I added some other vegetables to it like carrot, bell pepper, green onions and I went ahead and drizzled it with a low calorie dressing. It was a very filling lunch... I didn't even really feel hungry till 5.
Dinner: here is where I did my own thing and ate what I wanted to within reason...
1 bowl of cream of zucchini and green bean soup. This was a homemade soup and not really fattening. Plus I use low-fat milk not cream to make the soup “creamy.” Then I had 1 large and 1 small leftover pancake. Ate that with a little bit of strawberry topping and powdered sugar. Followed that with a small bowl of cornflakes with milk and vanilla yogurt. It was so good. First time I really enjoyed cornflakes in a long time. Then later that night when I got real hungry I ate an apple.

Now I don't want to follow the ZHD completely, so see what I do to keep with it but eat more. I divide the lunch and dinner into 3 or 4 smaller meals – original ZHD menu in red.

Day 5
Breakfast: 1 fresh squeezed orange, 1 glass tea (no sugar/milk added), 2 slices toast with jam and a little reduced-calorie margarine.
Mid-morning snack: 125g kwark sweetened with liquid Stevia and added blackberries for more yumminess
Lunch: 1 sour pickle, 1 tomato, 1 beschuit or toast, slice of cheese, carrot sticks, banana
I think I will try and make a Piccadilly type dip out of the tomato and pickle and eat that with carrot sticks. Then I will eat the cheese together with the toast – like a half grilled cheese and eat the banana for a lunch-dessert.
Dinner: I'm actually combining dinner day 4 & 5 into one meal. Day 4 lists 1 apple, 2 tomatoes, 1 grilled protein vervanger, 1 beschuit or toast. Day 5 lists 1 egg, 1 tomato, half head lettuce with little oil, vinegar and salt. I shall serve it up like this: 2 tomatoes = tomato soup! For my meat substitute I am using a vegetarian burger atop the beschuit. I'll eat the apple together with the salad on the side. Only I'll do a ¼ head of lettuce instead of a half and throw in some other vegetables to make it more interesting. And instead of the egg in my salad – I'm going to eat walnuts because that goes together better with apple – I think I'll top it off with a raspberry vinaigrette.

So, you do the ZHD for 5 days Monday through Friday and then you eat regular on the weekends. But for my weekends I'm going to try and follow a similar menu – but more of a weekend menu. For example, instead of beschuit I'll eat weekend bread aka rolls because those are so yummy. And instead of just yogurt and fresh sqeeze orange, I'll throw in a banana and make it a smoothie.

Follow along for the upcoming weightloss results and photos.


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