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The Hospital Diet ~ my way! ZHD - complimentary photos

Het Ziekenhuis Dieet
The Hospital Diet

It basically consists of the essentials you need to live – but it is a crash diet – resulting often in the yo-yo effect – in other words, return of previously lost weight.

Why I decided to try it – lots of weight loss promised.

Does it work? Yes. I did it for 3 ½ days and in that time I lost 5 pounds.

Why I stopped or basically adjusted what I was eating: I heard that I was doing my body more harm that good. I was essentially starving my body, slowing down my metabolism, and my body was using muscle not fat to create energy. I also had no energy or at least very little – and when you are a Mom of two and need to run a household you absolutely need energy.

I decided that I like the idea of following a strict diet though. In the past I have done WW and although I do believe it works and it had worked for me in the past, it wasn't working for me now. I didn't like the idea of counting points anymore – where as before I had time to do that... n…