* Weight Watchers UPDATE *

I've hit a plateau in my weight watchers - I've actually officially quit WW online and I'm doing it solo. I figure I know what it takes to lose weight - I just have to do it - on my own. Sitting down everyday and recording what I ate just didn't do it for me anymore. So, I started it solo some time ago and things were going pretty good but I've sort of stayed the same bouncing back and forth between 213.5 and 216 every other week... so I decided to finally start exercising regularly... not just my regular walks back and forth to the grocery store or to drop Kailea off at pre-school - but actually aerobics - working out in front of my tv screen and sweating hard.

It's been going pretty good. My goal is to workout 5 times a week. So far so good. It's difficult though because sometimes I have to work out when Kailea and Ella are awake and around and they are constantly bugging me... but the last two nights I got to do it at night and that was better - although this last night - tonight - Ella was still crying for attention so that cut it short - but I still broke a sweat.

The first video that I got was a Women's Health video - I like it. It's good for beginners but it started to bore me after a while - but I'll admit it's a great workout from beginning to end and I like that it uses weights because I can really feel that in my arms.

But recently I bought a Ministry of Sound video because I wanted some fun dance music... and this workout is not for the light hearted - it's so hardcore - it's not for beginners like me really - it's so advanced. It's quite the workout. But I'm gonna stay with it. I've been doing it everyday this week and I'm starting to get the coordination down a little bit. Tonight I just did the warm up section like 4 times in a row to try and get the moves down. I feel really clumsy sometimes - but I'm getting it little by little. I also like that this production is 100% with a British cast - because I love the accent... and the girls are hot -- it makes me want to look like them. I wish and hope that someday my legs will look as good.

This video - Aeroburn has 6 parts - Warm Up, Tone It Up, Aeroburn 1, Aeroburn 2, Cool Down, Stretching. I've been able to do the Warm Up, Tone It Up, part of Aeroburn 1 but then I get really tired and I just can't keep up so I move to Cool Down and part way through that I get too tired to keep up with all the crunches and I fast forward to Stretching.

So, I feel like with this video/DVD - if I stick with it - and I plan to - then I can in maybe a year or two - master it - maybe - hopefully :)

I really do think it's a great workout especially for those people who workout all the time - it's probably something special for intermediate to advance - but for beginners - it's tough - if it wasn't for the music and those British accents I'd probably of quit already.

Now, I just have to remember rule number one of weight loss - OBEY!

I'm really trying to make exercise my new hobby and to stay away from baking sweets and goodies. It will be hard especially with the holidays coming - with Fall comes the desire to bake pumpkin anything: cupcakes, muffins, cheesecakes, etc... but I'm really gonna try and treat my body to some kind of exercise everyday - not just goodies which really aren't that good for you.


kAt said…
Good for you lovely!! Stick to your guns. The outcome will be great.

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