Mediterranean-style Cashew-cucumber Dip
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Recipe Review - and a new way to enjoy it my way!

This is a dairy-free variation of the classic Greek cucumber yogurt dip tzatziki and it is oh so good. First I made it and paired it with Greek-style Tomato-zucchini Fritters with Fresh herbs page 52 V-con. That was good. But then I found a new and even better way to enjoy this most delicious dip. I paired it with fried eggplant - which is something I've been eating together with hummus and tortillas a lot. But now I've found a really good bread - which isn't too hard to find here in the Netherlands - from of all places, the Lidl. They call it Sunflower Panini bread - although it's quite big and very filling. So I make a batch of the Cashew-cucumber dip, then I slice and fry my eggplant and then I eat this all week long for lunch with my bag of Sunflower Panini bread - it's enjoyable every time - and to mix it up I just eat different fresh fruit with it - and I think I really have that Vegan Lunch Box thing down - this awesome lunch even fits in my lunch box with room to spare.

Cashew-cucumber dip with Zucchini fritters -- V-con recipes :) yummy

Fried eggplant - the only way to eat it - in my humble opinion :)

This is what I like to call my CCE Panini - (Cashew-Cucumber-Eggplant)


Mark said…
Those strawberries look good.

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