Flowers for Rachel

So I got a special request for flowers. I went to the store and picked out square canvases with the flower drawn on - and I got to do the fun part - fill the color in - that's my favorite part of painting - you know - painting... coming up with what to paint can be kind of hard so I was grateful to come across these canvases.

Rachel said she liked darker colors - and I think I've accomplished that except for the daisy - it's a bit colorful with those shades of yellow.

I've really enjoyed working on these and now I must say - I want to paint more :)

Which one is your favorite? Post comments for feedback - thanks!


Debra said…
When the flowers are placed side by side, I think the daisy stands out the most. But I like them all. It would depend a lot on the setting they were placed in.
shea said…
I liked the first, probably because of the color combination
Mark said…
It doesn't come out as good in the photo but I prefer the rose.

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