Chocolate Lovers Cinnamon Rolls... test 1.

I was told from a friend - a true chocoholic - that yeast and chocolate don't go together... but I wanted to try it anyways. The result - they didn't really rise - so she was right. However, they were good enough... and we will try it again... during test 2!

Anyhoo... this is what we did:

using my regular recipe for cinnamon rolls - I merely added cocoa powder to the dough... doubled cinnamon in the cinnamon sprinkle and added chocolate chunks to the cinnamon sprinkle and finally I added cocoa powder to the glaze... giving us chocolate 3 times... a true chocolate lovers cinnamon roll. The taste - very chocolatey and perhaps not cinnamony enough... so in test two we will use less cocoa powder in the dough - so hopefully it will rise more and add much more cinnamon to it - maybe cinnamon in the glaze!

The other thing I would like to try is White Chocolate lovers Cinnamon Rolls... I have some good ideas for that - and tuesday - is a good enough day to try it :)


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