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* Weight Watchers UPDATE *

I've hit a plateau in my weight watchers - I've actually officially quit WW online and I'm doing it solo. I figure I know what it takes to lose weight - I just have to do it - on my own. Sitting down everyday and recording what I ate just didn't do it for me anymore. So, I started it solo some time ago and things were going pretty good but I've sort of stayed the same bouncing back and forth between 213.5 and 216 every other week... so I decided to finally start exercising regularly... not just my regular walks back and forth to the grocery store or to drop Kailea off at pre-school - but actually aerobics - working out in front of my tv screen and sweating hard.

It's been going pretty good. My goal is to workout 5 times a week. So far so good. It's difficult though because sometimes I have to work out when Kailea and Ella are awake and around and they are constantly bugging me... but the last two nights I got to do it at night and t…
Flowers for Rachel

So I got a special request for flowers. I went to the store and picked out square canvases with the flower drawn on - and I got to do the fun part - fill the color in - that's my favorite part of painting - you know - painting... coming up with what to paint can be kind of hard so I was grateful to come across these canvases.

Rachel said she liked darker colors - and I think I've accomplished that except for the daisy - it's a bit colorful with those shades of yellow.

I've really enjoyed working on these and now I must say - I want to paint more :)

Which one is your favorite? Post comments for feedback - thanks!

Mediterranean-style Cashew-cucumber Dip
page 66 Veganomicon (V-con)
Recipe Review - and a new way to enjoy it my way!

This is a dairy-free variation of the classic Greek cucumber yogurt dip tzatziki and it is oh so good. First I made it and paired it with Greek-style Tomato-zucchini Fritters with Fresh herbs page 52 V-con. That was good. But then I found a new and even better way to enjoy this most delicious dip. I paired it with fried eggplant - which is something I've been eating together with hummus and tortillas a lot. But now I've found a really good bread - which isn't too hard to find here in the Netherlands - from of all places, the Lidl. They call it Sunflower Panini bread - although it's quite big and very filling. So I make a batch of the Cashew-cucumber dip, then I slice and fry my eggplant and then I eat this all week long for lunch with my bag of Sunflower Panini bread - it's enjoyable every time - and to mix it up I just eat different fresh fruit with i…
Chocolate Lovers Cinnamon Rolls... test 1.

I was told from a friend - a true chocoholic - that yeast and chocolate don't go together... but I wanted to try it anyways. The result - they didn't really rise - so she was right. However, they were good enough... and we will try it again... during test 2!

Anyhoo... this is what we did:

using my regular recipe for cinnamon rolls - I merely added cocoa powder to the dough... doubled cinnamon in the cinnamon sprinkle and added chocolate chunks to the cinnamon sprinkle and finally I added cocoa powder to the glaze... giving us chocolate 3 times... a true chocolate lovers cinnamon roll. The taste - very chocolatey and perhaps not cinnamony enough... so in test two we will use less cocoa powder in the dough - so hopefully it will rise more and add much more cinnamon to it - maybe cinnamon in the glaze!

The other thing I would like to try is White Chocolate lovers Cinnamon Rolls... I have some good ideas for that - and tuesday - is a good eno…

A while back I made Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls and they were delicious... I was sitting here this morning trying to figure out what to do with my zucchini crop thumbing through my cookbook when I see the cinnamon rolls... I thought - if I can do those with pumpkin puree - why not zucchini puree? So I emailed the recipe to my sister in law because she has tons of fresh zucchini in her garden and I thought she would enjoy a different kind of way to use up the zucchini. Then I thought - what the heck - I'm gonna try it out too. So I scrap the idea of making zucchini enchiladas for dinner - we just ate leftovers... and today I made the Zucchini Cinnamon Rolls. And... I'm happy to report that they were delicious... I even had a friend - Catharina help me and she was very skeptical - but she loved 'em. And my new friend Vanessa even called me something of a Goddess. So - they've passed the test! We made them two ways - one just plain cinnamon rolls - the o…