Blogging Again - Food Blogging :)

It's been a few months since my last post. I haven't really been that busy - it's just we've moved and my main computer sat at an empty house until we actually had a place to put it in the lived in house... and then about a month ago we got it all set up and it's taken me until today to organize my photos - and to decide to do the food blog again - for my one faithful follower - and just for me, myself and I - so i can easily reference the stuff I did and did not like... not that this is entirely just a food blog - but come on now - that's what i'm mainly doing these days - cooking... and loving my babies :)

so, one of the things I finally got to make was Seitan - or gluten. I did make it one day with regular bleached flour - and it was okay. But then my Mom came to visit me from the states and she brought with her some of that Bob's Red Mill Vital Wheat Gluten Flour which makes making Seitan a cinch. And according to the label on the bag - it also helps baked breads have more volume - I may try it for that next time I make cinnamon rolls or something.

So, the recipes I tried were from V-Con and VWAV. Chickpea Cutlets found on page 133 of V-Con - and it's funny because in the description for this recipe - they claim that this one will take over food blogs worldwide - but - I did not like it at all. I wrote in the cookbook - "yuck" and crossed it out. I will never make that one again. So, the recipe from VWAV I tried was Jerk Seitan - well first I made the regular Seitan recipe found on page 157, then I made the Jerk Seitan page 159. It turned out pretty tasty - a lot of different flavors here. I made it for my Mom and her husband. He was big about not trying any tofu while he came to visit. I made sure not to push my vegetarianism on him too much - but he did like the Seitan - enough that he would probably consider eating vegetarian once a week - although he's mostly a fish eater anyways - not too much with the red meats. The other thing I did with the leftover Seitan was just to cut it in cubes - then fry it with a bit of Teriyaki sauce and that was really really yummy. I found that the more simple the recipe the better it was. I liked the Jerk Seitan - it's just that there were so many spices - and sometimes it's just nicer to make a simple meal.

I also made Sweet Potato Fries that night - (VWAV page 114) And those were really yummy.


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