Scrambled Tofu: A recipe review
From: Vegan with a Vengeance by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, p 12

This is the first recipe in the book. And when I first saw it I scoffed at it. I mean, I can see not using eggs in recipes like Spanokopita and muffins and cupcakes - but to totally use tofu in place of a 100% egg recipe - that's just ridiculous... or is it?

So, I was talking to my sister about it and we laughed it off. Then as time went on and one day when I was enjoying some spiced up store-bought tofu reepjes - I was thinking - this does kind of have an egg-like texture to it and it tastes so good. So it got me thinking about this recipe.

So, I tried it!

I left out the mushrooms and added in yellow paprika. I didn't have any nooch (nutritional yeast) but used Parmasan in it's place and oh my! This even looks scrambled eggish - but the suprising thing is - it tastes so much better - it's better for you - and best of all - it was so filling. One serving of it on a large tortilla with a bit of ketchup - only 5.5 WW points.

So, it serves 4 and the first two days eating it for breakfast I couldn't even finish it. The next two times I ate it once for a lunch serving and next for a dinner. I like it best for breakfast though because I found that it really helped me through the rest of the day. I didn't seem to be reaching for snacks in the afternoon like I usually do. With meals like this - I have more confidence in myself - that I can obey my diet :)


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