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Update: 2009 resolutions/goals.

One of my goals - to finish the Fall conference edition of the Ensign. Just signing in to say I'm done! And I enjoyed it so much I think I might read it again... maybe.


We are moving to our "new" house next weekend and I'm so excited about it. We also will not have internet for the first two weeks so I think I will have time for activities like reading... but I may be very busy organizing the new place. Hoera!
Scrambled Tofu: A recipe review From: Vegan with a Vengeance by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, p 12

This is the first recipe in the book. And when I first saw it I scoffed at it. I mean, I can see not using eggs in recipes like Spanokopita and muffins and cupcakes - but to totally use tofu in place of a 100% egg recipe - that's just ridiculous... or is it?
So, I was talking to my sister about it and we laughed it off. Then as time went on and one day when I was enjoying some spiced up store-bought tofu reepjes - I was thinking - this does kind of have an egg-like texture to it and it tastes so good. So it got me thinking about this recipe.
So, I tried it!
I left out the mushrooms and added in yellow paprika. I didn't have any nooch (nutritional yeast) but used Parmasan in it's place and oh my! This even looks scrambled eggish - but the suprising thing is - it tastes so much better - it's better for you - and best of all - it was so filling. One serving of it on a large tortilla wit…