Late... but not too late for next year.

Well, I wanted to make a new stocking for Mark as well... and I finished after Christmas. So it's completed way early for next Christmas - his last stocking was a bit too small to fit much of anything in it - except for white chocolate (his favorite). I wanted this stocking to capture his personality. He is one of those guys that would rather be not working, and be some place warm, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and holding a camera... since photography has become his new passion... so that's why I made it the way I did.

Perhaps it could use some Christmas ornaments in the palm trees - to dress it up a bit... or maybe just some coconuts :)


Likely said…
hi melissa,

I found you through a comment you made in a forum on mormon vegetarianism. I am also a member of the church that is starting to eat less meat. I started a blog for an enrichment group I am heading up. You should check it out. I would love you comments and insight:

Those baked potatoes look REALLY good.

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