The Juice Maker

Well, one thing I received for Christmas this year that I really like is a juice maker. It's not the best juice maker on the market - and because of that I cannot really make fancy juices with wheatgrass and stuff like that - but it was a gift and I cannot really complain because the whole idea of juicing stuff is still so new to me.

I remember back in September that I did a post on home made grape juice. That was the best juice I had ever made. So delicious.

So, getting a juice maker is lots of fun. For our first test - we just juiced two Elster apples. It was very sweet apple juice... a bit foamy, too. Apparently, the really good juice makers on the market collect that extra foam for you. We just sort of skimmed it off. For our second trial - we juiced a pineapple, apples and carrots. Wow, so yummy and the color so wild! For our third trial we juiced only carrots and then mixed it with orange juice from concentrate - added a tiny hint of honey, vanilla extract and cardamon (from a recipe). Delicious.

I love juicing carrots because the carrots give you this vibrant orange color. What I'd like to do next is find a nice recipe to use up the leftover carrot. I could try it with carrot cake or carrot muffins. It will be exciting to try lots of new recipes over the next year. I'm way excited about it :)


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