Ella is Born!

Ella Antonetta Maria

I finally gave birth to my second child - January 6th she arrived. Phew - glad that's over... little did I know that my attempts to breast feed second time around would fool me - it started out so pleasant - but now I feel the pain - in the nipples. I hate it now. I'm thinking if I continue to give breast milk it will be via the bottle/breast pump... otherwise, I see no problem with switching to formula. I hate that everyone says "breast is best" or "borstvoeding... natuurlijk" - yeah, I agree - it is cheaper and natural - but who is to say it's better. I'm not sure the pros out weigh the cons of this practice. I can still bond with the bottle - I know just how much she is getting - Dad can help feed - no leaky breasts - and the pros go on and on! I mean the only pros for breast are cheap and natural - that's it? Come on - I don't buy the whole it's healthier and the baby doesn't get sick as much because I know plenty of people that did only breast and their kids got sick all the time and Kailea was hardly ever sick until she started pre-school and was around other kids... So that argument doesn't fly with me.

Anyway, Ella is so beautiful and such a pleasant baby - I really love her... I'm a proud Momma - I feel very happy and fulfilled with my new little girl... Kailea is a great sister to her - so far and everything is going fine... except the potty training with Kailea... that I could use some help with.


Shealyn said…
Good luck, you have to perserver and be patient. Tobi is starting on it now. She will take herself to the bathroom and take of her diaper. So during the days she now gets to wear panties. So far, we have had a few days with no accidents- have many with accidents poo and all. So I run with her to the bathroom and remind her every half hour or so. It's a joy!
cutekittypunk said…
i hate potty training
Anonymous said…
Congrats on your baby! I don't plan on breast feeding when I have kids. I was breastfed for way too long and I was sick all the time growing up.

I'm going to spare my boobies!

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