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I've already blogged about this recipe... but I decided to revisit it again... today while making Punk Rock Chickpea Gravy (VWAV)- I was reading the recipe notes and the author says "You will make this at least once a week. I just know it." And I thought... wow, she's right... we have had this at least once a week. It's become quite the staple in our home. I always follow the recipe exactly - except that ever since I ran out of nutritional yeast, I've had to use up some Parmasan cheese - I can taste that the gravy is cheesier - it's still delicious to me... I don't think Mark has noticed the cheese... at least, he hasn't said anything... it would be nice if you could buy nutritional yeast in a regular grocery store because I haven't managed to go across town to our local health food store to get more... 37 weeks pregnant... will do that to you :)

This gravy is amazing, but cannot stand on it's own - in my humble opinion... I was on the PPK forum boards today and discovered that several people use it together with toast or biscuits... but for us - for now - we like to serve it with either steamed green beans or broccoli - and always topped with fried onions (and fried mushrooms - just for Mark though - I'm allergic to them).

I've made this for the Elders a few times now too - and the other day - Elder Howell even said - I'm one of the best cooks... not bad for Vegan food, eh? They love it! (Okay, it wasn't vegan... had the Parmesan in it... but normally I would stick with the recipe... I like the nutritional yeast in it).

Here I've pictured another helping of this delightful dish... using this time... red onions - oh yummy!


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