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Rush of Fools
I've been enjoying the debut album for quite some time now. And now, just now I finally downloaded the second album from iTunes. I don't know why I waited so long... I guess I wanted to make it a birthday present for myself... and now that it's finally my birthday... well... in a few days... I bought it.

Two songs that I really like - are the album title song: "Wonder Of The World" and "You Are Glory"

I wanted to sing along so I went looking for lyrics online - but seems this album is still too new... so I submitted them myself - and did the best I could... there is a part of You Are Glory that is a bit hard to understand - I think they are singing Deo Gloria... so that is how I submitted it to They are submitted but still pending... so enjoy the lyrics below for now. To listen, go to and look for songs - it's that easy :)

Rush of Fools
Wonder of The World

How can it be that you are
Father …
Best Ever Hot Cocoa Mix

Oh my! This is THE BEST. I was laying awake last night trying to decide what else I can give to my in-laws for Christmas... I know... it's only 2 days away... and I really wanted to come up with something that is like something I would give and that they would use. I realized I could give hot cocoa mix together with some hard candy dipped spoons - they could use this together instead of stirring those into coffee or tea.

So, I opened up my Make a Mix cookbook this morning and saw the Hot Cocoa Mix recipe there. I was thinking, I've tried this before and it wasn't that good. So I got online and went to I looked through almost all of the mix recipes they have listed there when I came across two that used white chocolate chips - and specifically said to use the mix with hot milk - not water. I thought on it for a while and went with this recipe - even though there were only 3 reviews - they were all good reviews.

Then after I was finished …
Mint & Peppermint Treats Delicious recipes that are perfect at Holiday time or anytime
Chocolate Mint Cupcakesfrom Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The WorldRecipe Review

As always, delicious. All of Isa & Terry's recipes turn out so good - especially from this little tiny cookbook - it's no wonder that it won "Cookbook of the Year" from VegNews and that everyone else is raving about it, too.

I couldn't quite get my frosting to set up and hold it's texture - that's because I couldn't wait till they completely cooled... I wanted to eat one so badly. No biggie - the taste is what counts - and it tasted fabulous. My husband who does not generally care for mint flavored items - really liked these... he's becoming converted to more and more mint desserts.

Peppermint Stick Ice Cream Just some stuff I threw together in the food processorRecipe Review

Yup, that's right - I just threw some stuff together in the food processor. I think the easiest way to make …
Short & Sweet Child's Cardigan
Free Crochet Pattern 70455AD

I can't remember if I've already said this in another post - but I'll share it again just in case... When I was 12 years old - in the Young Womens - I learned how to crochet. Joy Gagon was our teacher. I think she's infamous in Douglas Country. She was the home-ec teacher at Douglas High School for many years - that was before my time. She was also a really cool substitute teacher. I had her a few times in the elementary school for a sub. But I knew her best as just another older lady at church. I guess I'm pretty lucky to have met her - she taught me how to knit and crochet. I cannot really remember how to knit though - and I just loved crochet - once I finally figured it out. For YW, each girl bought her own supplies, crochet hook and yarn and made an afgan. We donated the finished afgans to the local convalescent center. I felt really good about it and enjoyed the craft so much that I made several…
White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake
I know a lot of people like cheesecake and to be honest, I was one of those few rare people who did not. I even have a best friend who use to work at the Cheesecake Factory in Baltimore, Maryland and she worked in the dessert section. So I had access to really good cheesecake but I never ate any. I think that is because there are two kinds of cheese cake. One kind of cheesecake is made with cream cheese and it tastes good. Then there is this other kind made with a different kind of cheese and it's more crumbly - less smooth and that is the kind I did not like.

So, in 2007, I was visiting the U.S. and we were there for my brother's birthday. He is one of those guys that doesn't want a traditional birthday cake. He got a Cheesecake Factory sampler from Costco Wholesale and everyone had a good time. Initially, I was not going to have any... but then someone mentioned the words: White Chocolate Raspberry... and I was like - I'll give that…
"You Got Peanut Butter in My Chocolate" Cookies by Dreena Burton from cook book Eat, Drink & Be Veganrecipe review:YUMMY

First off, I like that most of her cookie recipes make just enough - one or two batches in the oven and your done. They are fairly simple to put together. She does use some expensive ingredients though - like maple syrup and agave nectar. But I just happened to have them so I got to make these yummy treats. I think they would turn out okay with an alternative ingredient like appelstroop in place of the maple sryup - if I were to do this I'd probably add a bit more sugar to the mix.

So a few months ago, I think it was August, I was considering going Vegan. I bought 4 vegan cookbooks to help with the transition. I really love Vegan with a Vengeance. It's been my favorite so far and I've tried more recipes from that one than the others. Okay, my second favorite is Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World - it's all desserts so of course, it's a…
Surprise Avond

Well, it is tradition in the Netherlands to have a Surprise Evening with friends. This is always right around December 5th - it coincides with Sinterklaas - He's like the Dutch Santa Claus - but like he's a saint and he comes from Spain (traditionally) but perhaps he really came from Turkey. And he comes in a steamboat with "Zwarte Piet" - aka black pete... (There are like hundreds of black petes, not just one but they all have the same name) and a horse named Amerigo. And when it's time for him to come the children put their shoes out and they put a carrot in the shoe for Amerigo - the horse, and then Sinterklaas leaves them a gift, like candy or a mandarine fruit (he's from Spain afterall). But the older kids and adults know that Sinterklaas is fictitious, so they do something different so they can still have fun and get presents. Here is what they do. Before, the Surprise evening, friends take turns drawing a name and then they prepare a gift…
Kailea's Christmas Stocking

I did one for Ella first, then for Kailea. It's complete... was much faster this time because I used the sewing machine for the stocking itself - the other stuff is all hand-appliqued though.

I really enjoyed this craft... I'd like to make some more. I want to make one for Mark next. I actually made one for him when we were first married - but it turned out kind of crappy... I'd like a retry at that since I've gotten better... I also made one for Maxine -- hers also turned out kind of crappy so I will try again on that one, too... this year though... I'm not sure about that.

But anyways, here is Kailea's stocking:


I've already blogged about this recipe... but I decided to revisit it again... today while making Punk Rock Chickpea Gravy (VWAV)- I was reading the recipe notes and the author says "You will make this at least once a week. I just know it." And I thought... wow, she's right... we have had this at least once a week. It's become quite the staple in our home. I always follow the recipe exactly - except that ever since I ran out of nutritional yeast, I've had to use up some Parmasan cheese - I can taste that the gravy is cheesier - it's still delicious to me... I don't think Mark has noticed the cheese... at least, he hasn't said anything... it would be nice if you could buy nutritional yeast in a regular grocery store because I haven't managed to go across town to our local health food store to get more... 37 weeks pregnant... will do that to you :)

This gravy is amazing, but cannot stand on it's own - in my humble opinion... I was on th…
Peanut Butter Cups - Veganized.

Recipe found here - link

Um... these were a bit of a pain to make because the chocolate - it's hard to get it to stay put... I don't think I used enough chocolate though... and next time I definitely want to try them with white chocolate - of course, they wouldn't be vegan then... but I bet they would be awesome...We don't have these in the Netherlands... well, at least, I've never seen them sold over here - so it was fun to make them - or shall I say... it was fun to eat them :)