I've been a fan of Rush of Fools for some time now. They came out with their second album a few months ago and I haven't been able to pick up a copy yet. It sits on my wish list for Christmas or Birthday so I know I'll get it soon. So, in the meantime, I've been listening to their songs on Youtube - thank goodness for youtube. I've also heard clips of all their songs on iTunes... I really look forward to making a copy of their CD for the car once we download it from iTunes. Kailea has even been starting to sing along to some of their songs from the first album because we listen to it in the car almost all the time. I'm going to try and add a video from Youtube of their song Wonder of the World - also the title of their second album. It's a beautiful song - I'm hooked - I love it.

Anyways, i'm having trouble with this embed code thingy - it just won't copy the whole thing - really ticks me off... oh well... follow the link you can watch it there, too!


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