Last week I prepared a VT message using the talk from Sister Beck about what is the purpose of RS? It was a good talk and reminded me that even though we are doing a good job we need to step it up a notch. I enjoyed reading it... then my VT partner also prepared a lesson but she used the talk from President Uchtdorf titled: Happiness - Our Heritage. And that one I enjoyed more. He is such a wonderful speaker. But the part that I was really struck with was the section on Creation. How we as women are co-creators with the Father. This really applies to men, too. The part I liked was how he talked about creating something out of nothing. Creating a smile on a friend's face for example. I do, however, like to create something out of something!

Lately, I have been working on many crafts and baked goodies - as you can see from recent posts. And I love doing this - I feel a special kind of energy when I'm creating something. My most recent project is a Christmas Stocking that I made for Ella (soon to be born). It's interesting because I have been so incredibly tired lately - Ella is taking all my energy and I love sleeping right now - every chance I can get at least... which isn't as much as I'd like. And then when Kailea goes to sleep at night I finally have a chance to sleep myself... but then, I think now I can work on that handy craft! And as soon as I start working on it - my sleepiness leaves me - and it's replaced with energy - energy from on High - I believe... because as I read this talk from Uchtdorf about creating - I felt like - it's so true - that when I'm creating something - something special is taking place. I also especially feel this when I'm painting... and when I've completed the work I just can't help but stare at the finished product (I'm a little bit vain, maybe) But maybe it's because I'm just amazed at this God-given talent and I love God for giving it to me. :)

I did use a pattern to create the stocking found at and the elephant used is also a copycat of a similar design found at but the rest came from my own head and it has been fun creating it. The only thing I would do differently - and will do differently when I create a stocking for Kailea - is to use my sewing machine. The sewing machine has been in storage at the other house - I so miss it. I sewed Ella's entire stocking by hand - and it was time consuming... If I'm going to create a stocking for both Mark and Kailea before Christmas - then I'm really gonna need my machine back.

Mark keeps calling her Ella Bella - which is only a nickname - her middle names are to be after the mother of Mark - just for the record!


Shealyn said…
that turned out really cute. I made stocking for our girls too as they were there each christmas.

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